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  3. After 13 years it didn't live up to the hype.

User Info: Lionheart2211

1 year ago#1
And sadly not many things do after a very long wait.
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User Info: apachechief007

1 year ago#2
I feel the same way, it’s unavoidable really.
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User Info: OmniChris

1 year ago#3
Any KH game wouldn't be worth that long a wait.. in fact no game is worth waiting over 10+ years. f*** that. Your hype and excitement just gradually diminishes as the years go by, you literally start forgetting parts of the franchise and why you even liked it to begin with. They really need to tone this down to 2-3 years per game cause life is too damn short.
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User Info: IamNori

1 year ago#4
Video games in general aren't worth such lengthy waiting as 13 freaking years when you consider that console generations last about 5-6 years on average. KH3 will not ever be an exception to that.

At least KH3 itself is fun after all that waiting.
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User Info: Baha05

1 year ago#5
I liked it.
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User Info: Kingdom080500

1 year ago#6
Baha05 posted...
I liked it.
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User Info: Wynvkius

1 year ago#7
It’s a great game but it was never gonna live up to 13 years of expectations.

User Info: Kaytay606

1 year ago#8
I really liked it already playing a 2nd run. No game or anything really can live up to 13 years of hype... Oh well. I'm just really happy to have finally played it 😁

User Info: master_rose

1 year ago#9
Cool, because the last game came out in 2012.
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User Info: Comyx

1 year ago#10
Good thing it wasn't 13 years since the last game.
Also, why would anyone expect a super 10/10 masterpiece from a franchise that usually has 8/10-ish games? KH3 is a solid 8.5, which is exactly what I thought it would be. I never expected it to be BotW/TW3 tier.
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  3. After 13 years it didn't live up to the hype.
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