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  3. What are the consequences of Light expiring?

User Info: Mythtaker

7 months ago#1

User Info: VerumTarn

7 months ago#2
Terra Branford is Amano's waifu. Why else would Terra have the most Amano artworks of any Final Fantasy character?

User Info: SorakhII

7 months ago#3
The thing is light cannot expire. That’s impossible. That part might be a false prophecy. The absence of light is the absence of life. This is true in real life.

And according to KH lore, there is a light in the deepest darkness. If that’s true, even darkness needs light in order to exist
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User Info: cometgalleon444

7 months ago#4
A lot of people will be stubbing their toes on the corners of their beds and desks. Have you ever tried to get around the house during a power outage?
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User Info: Savas

7 months ago#5
Bulls***! Light is Eternal, Xemnas and Riku said so.
This means WAR!

User Info: SteveRogers33

7 months ago#6
If Light expires then Kira is no more

User Info: ZeroX91

7 months ago#7
Let that child alone.

User Info: JustSnilloc

7 months ago#8
Perhaps the expiration of light would force Kingdom Hearts to appear? If light and dark are truly eternal, then something would need to ensure that they truly are.
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User Info: Tenebrous

7 months ago#9
Darkness Master Race!
Drown in Darkness!

User Info: Kingdom080500

7 months ago#10
SteveRogers33 posted...
If Light expires then Kira is no more
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