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  3. Xehanort is short of one darkness. Why not himself, 30 years old or something?

User Info: TaticalWarrior

7 months ago#1
Xehanort had to make 13 copies of him. But he can use himself from different time periods to add a couple of points (Youngort and Xehanort). Ansem and Xemnas can get a pass because there are so many factors over those two that we shouldn't even dwelve on it.

But what stops Xehanort from simply grabbing a middleground between Youngnort and Oldnort and just be done with it, since he is already loophole master?
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User Info: wwinterj25

7 months ago#2
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User Info: ZeroX91

7 months ago#3
PROPHECY!!!!! Or something...
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User Info: Kingdom080500

7 months ago#5
Maybe because he already has someone in mind?
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User Info: honestlycynical

7 months ago#6
Technically, nothing stated so far prevents him from doing so, but the out of game reason is that Nomura didn't think about it, probably.
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User Info: EclipseSun

7 months ago#7
Because No Heart just wants to beat people up and he's not a schemer. He is not interested unless the Guardians of Light, Seekers of Darkness, or whoever can convince him to fight for them.
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User Info: xeno_x-blade20

7 months ago#8
That's the inconsistency I feel is present with time travel in DDD. If YX just needs to go to a point in which his body exists, then what's stopping him from grabbing a theoretical Prime Xehanort ala No Heart? He's got a younger but experienced body, unlike MX and YX, and he's still a whole person, unlike Ansem and Xemnas, so he should probably be the strongest form of Xehanort there is. Taking his fight in BBSFM into account, he's got mobility and power for days. And considering that the Org. has both YX and MX, which are the same exact person as you said TC, what would prevent him from taking another version of that? Heck, why doesn't he just take 11 "Prime" Xehanorts that are each a year apart? Powerful, no chance of betrayal, and less work than filling 9 other different members with his heart.
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User Info: Irony

7 months ago#9
Because that's dumb
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User Info: FinalXemnas

7 months ago#10
Because that's not interesting.
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  3. Xehanort is short of one darkness. Why not himself, 30 years old or something?
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