The first words of Ventus when he wakes up?

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User Info: Zeldameister

1 week ago#1
What will be the first words from Ventus? - Results (120 votes)
How the heck did I end up here?
12.5% (15 votes)
I really need to take a dump!
15.83% (19 votes)
I wonder if they still sell this Ice Cream?
5.83% (7 votes)
Where the f*** is Terra?
13.33% (16 votes)
Where the f*** is Aqua?
6.67% (8 votes)
Who is this Roxas you're talking about?
6.67% (8 votes)
What a nice nap! Time to find Terra and Aqua!
12.5% (15 votes)
I will kick Master Xehanort's butt for sure!
2.5% (3 votes)
I hope Mickey and his friends are alright...
2.5% (3 votes)
Took you long enough to wake me up!
21.67% (26 votes)
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So, when Ventus finally wakes up in Kingdom Hearts 3 what will his first words be like?
"I have bed sores on my bum."
I'm Riding The Gravy Train.
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: TsunamiRoar

1 week ago#3
"Terra! Aqua!"
Armor won't help the heart stay sharp.

User Info: Hypnofeet

1 week ago#4
Swim this way and we'll dance and we'll play!

User Info: FourManSeven

1 week ago#5
"Okay I believe you"

User Info: Moongeist

1 week ago#6
"Looks like my summer vacation is over"
\ ' ^ ' /

User Info: Kingdom080500

1 week ago#7
Wait why would he ask where Aqua is when she's the only one who can find him?
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User Info: Duey

1 week ago#8

User Info: Rockstar09

1 week ago#9
“Damn, my ass and breath stinks”

User Info: deathszx

1 week ago#10
Da f*** you been
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