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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#41
I personally liked having to revisit the worlds twice but KINGDOM HEARTS III has a different flow.

Can the drill and hammer only be used in the Toy Story world?

It’s not restricted to the world but its ability is from the Keyblade obtained in the Toy Story world. Essentially, every Keyblade is capable of transforming and the Toy Story Keyblade transforms into the drill and hammer. And in KINGDOM HEARTS III, the Keyblade and Form are systematically attached together.

What does that mean?

In KINGDOM HEARTS II, you could decide which form to switch into during battle but this time, forms activate when you transform your Keyblade.

Are there forms as many as the number of Keyblades?

Actually no. Each Keyblade has an attributed type such as attack or defense and those are the forms that exists for each type. You switch into the form while transforming the Keyblade. By the way, the series’ iconic Keyblade Kingdom Key changes Sora into Second Form (Tentative Name) w/ KH2 color scheme but this form is exclusive to Kingdom Key. The Keyblade doesn’t transform but your tactics change. Some forms are specific to certain Keyblades.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been in development for quite a few years now. How does it feel to finally have a release date announced?

Until now the thing that I was told the most was to just release the game, like, "Don't worry about it, just release the game," or, "When is the release date?" So now that we [have] arrived, to finally be able to say our release date or announce a release date, I feel that they gave me the opportunity to actually say what I want to our fans and have them listen to what I want to say. So I'm really happy about that.

Did it feel like you always needed to do more to achieve what you want or was it just the case of development issues that resulted in the lengthy development time?

Just one year into development we had to change the engine that we were working off of. This was a directive from the company that set us back a year and that was definitely a blow that we took. And then as we started development after that, we were gradually increasing the number of staff we had on our team, but the increase in staff just did not go as I had planned, so we couldn't really get full momentum for a while. So it's not that we had difficulty in development of the title, it was just a lot of company decisions that we just couldn't avoid.

Given how long the game has been in development, fan expectations for it are incredibly high. Do you ever worry about not meeting those fan expectations and how does that impact you as you're developing the game?

I just naturally don't really feel pressured and that's always been fortunate for me. That's been leading me to successes, but at least for Kingdom Hearts 3 the fan excitement was a lot more than I had expected. So [for] the first time in my life I did feel some kind of pressure from it. But when I thought about why I didn't really feel pressure until now, I realized that it was because I always had the confidence that my game is going to be good and fun. Because I have confidence that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be great as well I think that's probably why I don't feel too pressured or I don't feel too scared about fan expectations or meeting expectations.
In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces - Zapp

User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#42
I also have experience working on Final Fantasy titles as well, but Kingdom Hearts is a very unique one where a lot of people that are on the title really love Kingdom Hearts 3. They're overflowing with love. They're just like our fans as well. So because their love towards the title is so high, they've been creating the game with that much love and so I think that we are able to push out a game that meets expectations or even more than what you might expect.

You've grown up as a person and as a designer alongside the players and it's been so long since the last Kingdom Hearts was released. How has your perspective on making the game changed over time? Do you still have that passion for it? Or is it just like you feel more of a responsibility to people to make it and end it?

I'm getting older now, so my body really can't take all that difficulty anymore. When I was younger I was definitely more aggressive and I was the one pulling everyone forward, but now there's a lot more energetic staff around me who are more aggressive, so I feel like I'm more like a sage now. Like I'm in the sidelines just telling people what to do. The Kingdom Hearts series has become a huge title nowadays and back then it was more like I was making it secretively in the corner, but now that a lot more people are involved I do feel that it's not my title anymore, it's everyone's title. And just talking about all this … It actually kind of makes me really sad.

One of the big things that fans are responding to in the new trailer is Aqua and her seemingly falling to the darkness. A lot of people are quite excited and also showing trepidation about seeing that. Can you talk about the decision to change and grow her character in such a way?

First of all, I didn't really think that people would be the most surprised with Aqua. I did receive a lot of questions about her during interviews and I've seen that it's become a hot topic online as well. The way that I write my scenarios, I don't really have clear thoughts of what I'm gonna do at each moment. I always start off with having a goal at the very end and maybe have smaller goals in between that I know that I have to go through to be able to achieve that larger goal, and then I'll start writing scenarios that go in between to make sure that I reach that goal at those points. So it's an ongoing process for me, but while I'm writing towards those smaller goals, I already know what happens, so in my mind I already have this expectation of what will happen next. But once in a while, I will come to a point where I would actually want to go against my own expectations and that's basically why Aqua became like that.

In another interview you said the reason why it's shocking to other people is because they don't know the path that you've created and you know where it's going to end, so you know how to get there. How far have you created that path? This is supposed to be the end of Sora's story. Do you have another story that goes beyond this or is this the end for you as well?
In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces - Zapp

User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#43
The way that I make games is that while I'm creating the current title, I'm always thinking about what's ahead of that. That hasn't changed from [the first] Kingdom Hearts, so it's the same for Kingdom Hearts 3 as well and it's all in my mind. But that doesn't mean that we will be able to create that game or we will eventually create the next game. I do this so that it doesn't contradict what I see in the future of Kingdom Hearts. Like I said earlier, it's just not that it's a definite yes or no as to whether or not there will be [another Kingdom Hearts] title, but I do have something in mind.

We've seen a lot of new characters and returning favorites, but we haven't really seen a lot of the Final Fantasy characters and obviously they played such a huge role in the earlier games. Are you just not showing them off right now or do you feel that you don't need to bring them back for the new game?

They obviously appeared from [the first] Kingdom Hearts, but at least for Kingdom Hearts 3, there's going to be a lot of [original] Kingdom Hearts. So most of the main characters from the Kingdom Hearts titles will appear and they will all have their problems that they need to resolve in the game. Because of that, Final Fantasy characters that actually do not have problems of their own … it's just a little bit difficult for them to appear in the game. But, obviously, the trailers that we have been showing until now is not everything. So all I can really say to that is just wait for a little more update to that.

Actually, in interviews throughout E3, I think every single interviewee has asked me about Final Fantasy characters and so I realize that that probably means that everyone's actually looking forward to them. There weren't that many titles out in the world that had all these Final Fantasy [characters] comes together in one [place], but nowadays there's just so many games out there that incorporates all these different Final Fantasy characters together, so I actually felt that it might not even be necessary to have another one of those in my game. But now that I've been talking with everyone, I've realized that maybe it is necessary, so I'm a little surprised by that.

Returning to Aqua and changes made with her, is that something that you want to do further with other characters? Do you want to kind of change perspectives on characters and maybe turn things upside down in the same way that you did with Aqua so people aren't as comfortable with everything?

It's not to say that there will be similar situations for other characters as Aqua, because I think that actually if I did that too often in the game, it will just lose the surprise element or it'll just feel very boring. But I can say that there will be a lot of surprises in the game, and future trailers may reveal it, but there are some surprises in there that I don't even know if it's okay to even put it in a trailer. Maybe we should just leave it in the game without revealing it beforehand so it'll be like a surprise in the game. I think all I can really say is to just please look forward to that. But let's say, so it's not like I'm changing your perspective on a character or not, but there will be some moments in there that you will definitely be surprised.
In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces - Zapp

User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#44
One of the other major questions people have is: are there limits to the characters you can now pull from, because Disney is changing massively and there's new characters being added to their roster. We now have Star Wars characters and Marvel characters [at Disney]. Are they [franchises] that you can pull from?

So Star Wars and Marvel are under Disney, but they are a completely different company, so it's just completely different. It's not that we could just freely ask for those characters as well. And I do get asked this questions once in a while, as well, but even to have Pixar characters in Kingdom Hearts, they actually started negotiating for it over 10 years ago. It wasn't like a simple ask and it took that long to [get to where] we're finally able to realize it. Currently, there's really not an option for me to use [Star Wars and Marvel characters].

If you were given the opportunity to have a Star Wars or Marvel character and you would granted it instantly, who would you pick?

If I answer to this question, I think a lot of people will actually be like, "Oh my God. It's confirmed. It's going to come," but it's not like that. But just simply as a character, I really love Tony Stark.

So why go back to Pirates? Specifically, why the third installment in what is now a series of five films?

It’s not that we’ve been avoiding the reappearance of worlds from our previous titles. They are reappearing as necessary. But for Kingdom Hearts III, one of our ideas or concepts was to try to have as many new worlds as possible. At the same time, I’ve always wanted to have at least one live-action world in Kingdom Hearts III. When we were looking at all these different live action titles, Pirates of Caribbean was one of the most interesting worlds, one that we thought we could create interesting gameplay around. There’s the underwater action and the ships. You can even be airborne. It covers land, sea, and air. I thought that would be a great opportunity, to use the Pirates of the Caribbean world. Another reason was, because we wanted to have more realistic characters in the live action worlds — even more realistic than before — we thought that the Pirates of the Caribbean characters were unique enough in their details that we’d be able to re-create it as closely as possible with computer graphics.
OK, but why At World’s End?

When you look at Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, one is the setup for the other,” Nomura continued. “If we went with the second movie, then the story kind of ends in the middle. It doesn’t really make sense for us, because we’d have to end it in the middle as well. With At World’s End, I felt like there’s more dynamic action to it. Just looking at it from that perspective, it’s a better fit. I also wanted to show the battle with Davy Jones and make it as dynamic as possible, and to do that it had to be the third movie. It was just an easier fit overall.

Toy Story finally arrived in Kingdom Hearts 3, but elements related to the film of Pixar were already founded in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II code. Can you tell us why they weren’t inserted in those games, in the end?
In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces - Zapp

User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#45
I always wanted Toy Story in Kingdom Hearts, and I already hoped to insert a world based on it in the first chapter. For this reason, I asked our staff to create something related to Toy Story, in case we were able to get the OK from the Disney. Sadly no possibility were given to us and so the idea never entered in the development stage.

The combat system is one of the most characterized elements of Kingdom Hearts, and any chapter introduces different innovations. How difficult was finding the right balance?

The combat system is something on which we work until the last development weeks, and the balance is a seriously difficult procedure. We’re there, trying to fix the game at our best. Even the demo which was available weeks ago at the launch event has been modified: after the press had the chance to try the demo, we kept testing and analyzing it. Is something we’ll keep on doing until the very end, but there’s no real correct answer on which is the best battle-system or the best balance: it’s a matter of finding a merging point between what we want to create as developers, and gamers/players wishes.

In Kingdom Hearts III we are going to see new Pixar-based worlds. How do you choose the settings to insert in the game?

By now the series has been going on by a long time, and the fans would be annoyed by visiting the same world each time. So, in Kingdom Hearts III, despite the strictly necessary worlds in terms of lore, we tried to introduce whole new worlds. As I said before for Toy Story, I always desired to put Pixar films in Kingdom Hearts, an this was the best occasion to do so. Regarding the method that we use to select worlds to feature, the procedure is quite linear: I ask my staff to submit new world ideas, as well as related settings and contents. Afterwards, they create design documents and then they show me, so that I can choose the ones which I like the most. There would have been many other Disney and Pixar films that I would like to have in game, but considering the prefixed release date, we have to reduce the worlds to a limited number. In general, the team found easier to search for new ideas working on newer and popular films.

In each Kingdom Hearts chapter, characters have unique outfits. Is there any particular process behind it?

For Sora’s main costume I always had pretty clear ideas on how I want him to appear. I usually arrive to the office with some clothes or accessories photos, or even I directly bring clothes which I bought, saying then to the team “i want this jacket” or “I want this part for the trousers”. Relying on those requests, the team realizes different character designs, then I might fix or directly approve them. For Kingdom Hearts 3, since Sora’s outfit frequently changes based on that specific world, I firstly create a draft about how I would like him to appear in those worlds, then I present the draft to Disney and Pixar’s art directors, acquire their feedback, I apply those and then I propose new drafts. The thing goes on until we’re satisfied.

A Pirate of the Caribbean world appeared too, such a surprising announcement!!

About the world of Pirate of the Caribbean, we used the movie "At World’s End" as a base. KHIII sets the stage during the third movie of the series, events of the second movie will be summarized. In the second movie “Dead Man’s Chest”, the “box” is a key element to the story as the title mentions it (Note: He is referring to the “Chest”], this time it is linked to the “Black box” that Maleficent and the True Organization XIII are looking for.

Is the “Remy’s Delicious Restaurant” scene we saw in the trailer a mini-game?
In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces - Zapp

User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#46

Following Remy’s instructions, you cut the ingredients, you cook them and create a dish, and if you succeed it can give you a status effect. If you fail, it shrivels and burns (laughs).You can play it in Twilight Town, you will to need to gather ingredients you can find in various worlds to make dishes.

Putting 20 different mini-games in the Classic Kingdom surely was your plan Mr Nomura?

That’s right. I wanted to put as much as possible (laughs). Even though there are recoils that are handling a lot of titles’ high spec, I had a fondness for this kind of thing from the beginning. Actually, I wanted to make it for each LSI on devices. But since it’s difficult to currently do it, I have implemented it in the game. Each game of the Classic Kingdom are hidden in various worlds, and it’s possible to play them on Sora’s Mobile Portal device.

Frozen was planned to be a world pretty early in development.
It follows the movie pretty closely, and Sora's story proceeds as Elsa's and Anna's move on.
The Keyblade from the world of Frozen transforms you so you have shoes for skating.
Elsa and everyone else don't join your team, but Marshmallow will offer your his help.
For Pirates of the Caribean, Nomura wanted to experiment with different graphics.
Sora in a pirate suit is something Nomura really wanted to do.
This world made it in because he wanted at least one live action film to be in the game.
While the story does take place during the third movie, there are also elements from the second one.
There are a lot of gimmicks since you can move through land, sea and air. The Keyblade becomes a lance and a flag.
Nomura thinks they'll be able to show the world of Big Hero 6 next time.
Sugar Rush will be a Link Command as they announced. Also, there's the minigame called "Remy's Delicious Restaurant".
The reason why they showed the worlds of Hercules and Toy Story in the media/E3 demo was because they are the ones closest to completion.
Some impressions that they raise about the trial were about the camera. They are going to work on that until the last day.
This time [for this game], making everything from scratch was really tough.
The difficulty for the demodwas slightly easier than "Standard mode", but a little bit harder than "Beginner mode".
The powering up of each character is something similar to how they powered up from KH1 to KH2.
The director and staff from Einhänder are the ones working on the Gummi Ship portion. Nomura really liked their work, so he's looking forward to the finished product.
There is a Combat specialized mode and an exploration mode. You could say it's an open world Gummi Ship.
They will talk about Gummi Ship customization the next time.
The order you visit worlds in is decided up to a certain degree.
This time, there is no such thing as skippable worlds. This is because most people didn't see all of them in the previous games.
Right now there are no online capabilities, but they're thinking of adding something.
At this moment they're not looking into making any demo.
Information related to the New Organization XIII will be revealed as we move towards the release.
After some incident Aqua... (Note: This part is ambiguous, but it might mean that we see Aqua as she is in the trailers after a certain incident.)
If you play both KHIII and Union Cross, Nomura thinks you'll end up understanding Marluxia.

In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces - Zapp

User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#47
Since this will be the time for "everyone to settle things up", many characters from the series will make appearance.
They got the new song from Utada Hikaru really early on.
After giving her an explanation about the series and its contents, she made the song herself.
The special edition PS4 Pro was decided very early on. In order to find the ideal color, it was redone many times.
It will be covered with leather.
The controller will also be a new type with flashing lights on top of the touchpad with a custom design.
Nomura would like you to play the previous KH games and KHUx as you wait.
There's also the problem where we might be running out of space, so Nomura would like you to get connected to the internet in case they distribute online content.
KHIII's release is being prioritised over the promotion of FFVII Remake.

There are around 5 commands one can use, however, there is a time limit in which case if you don’t use it or unable to use it, it creates a dangerous situation.

Of course, with the fast button prompts, you can quickly use it. Once one gets used to the different accessible skills, you can choose thinking, “from here let’s use this skill,” which is good. Even if you're bad at doing the actions, you will be fine whether you choose to use the skill or not.

So there's no need to think of the hard way to do it. Among the situation commands there are amusement park-like things you can ride through “Attraction Flow” that are gorgeous, and with the mini-games also implemented there are a lot of fun things to explore.

Attraction flow changes depending on the place, and with abilities like “Firaga,” becoming “Firera,” you become more efficient and various situation commands become more available.

Players are now able to carry three keyblades, moreover they can retain their transformations. Was this done also with the thought of choice in mind?
Yes. Besides just making a new personal system for the keyblade, we wanted people to enjoy playing even when they didn't want to use a keyblade while giving accomplished players more ways to stand up to the challenge and increase their effectiveness. We prepared for various options when backed into a tight situation weighed with the management of the different forms.

With the strength of transformations such as the hammer and yo-yo forms, there is a definite impact if these forms don't stick.
I'm glad you feel like this. With each form, players can definitely enjoy doing different actions. Incidentally, there are a few that don't have a transformation and utilize a special power. For example, Sora’s “Kingdom Key,” which allows him to use abilities he learned in past installments.

There are also Links such as the new reveal of Ralph from “Wreck it Ralph” that have been showcased.
The Link was originally going to be different, and our name for the ability kept changing as the forms changed. We chose “Link” for when the player form changes with the powers borrowed from a Disney character. Though it was puzzling thinking of links along with Ralph, the point is that [KHIII]’s links reveal Disney characters and new skills that one doesn't just play but can also watch.
In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces - Zapp

User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#48

Is this the same case for the other link revealed, Meow Wow?

Yes. You fight as you watch Sora travel with him, bouncing throughout the frame. Something similar to that (laughs). Really, we wanted to try a “summon” with KH3D’s [Dream Drop Distance] (also known as KH3D) dream eaters of all types, with all the names in the system, Meow Wow remained.

Utilizing all the types of dream eaters?

Yes. I intended to add a lot, but when the staff saw all the things I wanted to include, they said it was “impossible.” With that, I tried to see if I could fill up the Meow Wow link with as many dream eaters as I could.

*wipes sweat away*

Enjoy everyone!
In the game of chess you can never let your opponent see your pieces - Zapp

User Info: Selt_Jr422

1 year ago#49
This should definitely have a sticky.
Reptiles are beautiful.

User Info: FinalXemnas

1 year ago#50
Alex Jones' powder gives you a shriveled weewee.
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