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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#31
The Robed Figure–a Heartless born from that experiment–says “This world has been connected”. While in KH1 that meant the Islands were connected to the darkness, in this title does it signify that Xehanort and company have connected to the Sleeping Worlds?

It means both of those things. In that scene, the Robed Figure became a “Portal” himself as a result of contact with Sora’s group, making it possible for the other Xehanorts to intervene within the dreams.

Why did Xehanort’s group word things as if they were trying to wake up Ventus who is inside of Sora?

They did so in order to tempt Sora’s heart and have it fall to the darkness. In the story it also talks about how abandoning the self leads to losing the heart. When you see Vanitas (the dark half of Ventus who appeared in KHBBS) overlay Young Xehanort for a moment, that represents Ventus’s heart reacting inside Sora.

In the latter half of The World That Never Was, despite returning to the real world, why do Sora and Riku stay in their younger forms, and why do Dream Eaters appear etc?

Sora and Riku’s form is due to Yen Sid’s magic, so the way it works is that they can’t turn back until they return to the Mysterious Tower. And Dream Eaters were appearing because Sora was still asleep. Also, ever since Organization XIII was defeated in KH2, The World That Never Was’s existence as a world became uncertain. In the first place, the worlds in the void between darkness and light have different rules than other worlds. The Mysterious Tower isn’t always standing in a fixed place, for example, and Traverse Town reforms its shape every time, which is why the version that appears in this title is clearly different than the version in KH1.

Did King Mickey’s time magic not work properly on Young Xehanort because Young Xehanort has the power to control time?

Not Young Xehanort’s but rather Master Xehanort’s power. King Mickey was surprised at the time, seeing his Keyblade and noticing he harboured the power of Master Xehanort. That Keyblade was designed as the one Master Xehanort used in KHBBS combined with an hourglass, you see.

Were the 13 Seekers of Darkness, who were meant to be in different times, gathered by transcending time with magic?

Just as it says in the story, to transcend time one must “first” discard their body. As a result of the actions of the Robed Figure, they all were in a state where they had gained the power to transcend time. The Robed Figure explains these facts. The thirteen were summoned at the same time, this time thanks to the Young Xehanort who borrowed that power. However, apart from Young Xehanort, that does not mean that all the members left their own time.

In other words, Ansem and Xemnas were simultaneously existing in the time-space of KH3D as well as their newly recompleted human form after being destroyed?

Yes, it does turn out that way. However, as I said before, The World That Never Was–where the thirteen all met–is a special space. The mechanics behind how they were all able to exist at the same time is a mystery. From KH1 on, Ansem has returned no matter how many times he has been defeated, perhaps the same sort of thing happened.

Lea said the same lines, “Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs” and “I’ll always be there to bring you back” to Xion in KHDays when he brought her back. Does he remember that?

The nature of the being known as Xion and all memories to do with her were erased, but he would remember other things.

Why did Lea visit Disney Castle when he should have been looking for his friends?
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#32
To search for his friends he needed the power to move between worlds, and there is no way to do that other than to become a Keyblade wielder. While wanting to be made a Keyblade wielder, Lea saw a message from the past recorded by Ansem the Wise and, knowing it was dangerous, used the Corridors of Darkness once more to go talk with King Mickey and the others. That’s why after Maleficent left he was questioned at the Mysterious Tower.

So, in “The King Departs” when Yen Sid said, “But Merlin and the three good fairies are aiding him in a place that’s more…temporally flexible”…

Upon request, those who can manipulate time–Merlin and the three fairies who appeared in KH2–changed the flow of time in a special place, and there Lea received hastened training in order to be able to use the Keyblade, basically. In the original scenario, we had planned to have Lea able to use the Keyblade when he ran to Sora.

Ansem the Wise is an old acquaintance of Riku’s, why did he ask him his name in the end?

That’s what you could call a “wisecrack”. (Laughs.) He’s purposefully asking the same thing as he did in KH2 to a Riku who had changed into Ansem’s form.

While at that time Riku lied and said his name was Ansem, this time he replies with a bright “Riku”, doesn’t he?

Yes, because the main part of the plot in this title is Riku’s growth. The point that unlike before he can declare ‘I am me’ is intended to show that growth symbolically.

It was declared from Ansem the Wise’s own mouth that everything can grow a heart.

Yes it was, I thought I’d leave it clear in this title.

Were the members of Organization XIII that grew hearts unsuitable as vessels for Xehanort?

That’s not necessarily the case, however the details are a secret.

Xigbar and Saïx appeared as members of Organization XIII. Did they return as humans like Lea and the others?

The conditions of becoming a human have been met, so you’d think they had returned, wouldn’t you? For them to have been with Xehanort and the others, perhaps they were collected after they had become humans and before Lea and the others woke up. You could say the same for the members of Organization XIII that didn’t appear in this title, however… I’d rather everyone use their imaginations.


The story had quite a dark tone, with Aqua battling along alone, I was honestly so relieved when she reunited with Mickey.

Writing all that was actually really difficult.

What do you mean?

Since it's only Aqua, there is a lot of monologue because the only option was to express what she was thinking in that form. So unfortunately, with a slight groan I was forced to write a lot of it (laughs). Along her journey, she finally meets Mickey, which gave me a chance to write some dialogue, so I felt that relief too, albeit in a different way. (laughs)

I see! (laughs). Her conversation with Terra was also a very important scene.

At last year's concert, a scene was vocally presented between Terra and Namine in front of the audience. Namine said "Soon, that girl will come and when she does, I need you to guide her" to Terra. This is a directly connected to that scene you mentioned.

Oh so that's what it was!? By the way, Aqua was seen to use the chains of light that Master Eraqus once did... how?
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#33
Those shining chains are a special ability of Eraqus and his students. By becoming a Master, Aqua also became the successor to Eraqus' "Master Keeper", resulting in gaining the ability to use it also.

Lots of mysteries were solved but, I never thought that the reason that King Mickey wore nothing on his upper body when he was first introduced would be explained! (laughs)

I personally specified that scene, and actually now that I watch it, it does seem a little strange (wry smile). I actually had an image of him sustaining heavy amounts of damage and being unable to move but, he is the King after all...

I was deeply moved by Aqua's determination at the end...

I was worried about that right to the end. Do I have her break down and complain? Or do I have her embrace the end with cold dignity? Initially, in an ending that would really pull the heartstrings, I was going to have her separate from Mickey, then have her cry out, unable to contain herself, that she just really wanted to go back home. Finally though, I thought it was probably best to end it in a way that was much more like Aqua.

In both [KH0.2] and [KHxBC], the phrase "May our hearts be our guiding key" came up. What does it mean?

That's something Oka (Masaru, scenario planner) put in. In terms of scenario, first I tell Oka the general plot, Oka then comes up with ideas for level design while also working on some initial modeling, which then gives that design some initial shape. I take a look at this and write a final manuscript, handing it back to Oka to give it one more proofread in order to verify it. Our process works in a sort of "sandwich" style, and even if the scenario writer changes, the process remains the same. During the process this time, Oka thought to add the phrase as a symbol to simply represent the Keyblade Wielders, so we added it in. In [KH0.2], it appears as an "ancient phrase" which gives a nod to the events that occurred in the era of [KHx].

That's just one instance where we can see the connection between those two stories... In [KHxBC], we catch a glimpse at the human side of each Foreteller, which wasn't evident in [KHx] or in [KHUx] and it was refreshing.

It's the first time hearing the voices of those that appear in [KHxBC], and for the people that haven't played [KHx] or [KHUx], then this is also the first time ever meeting them. Being a bit short of an hour, during this restricted time, I had to be careful to display their individuality, and have the player feel a sense of attachment and empathy toward them. Now, it should be noted that [KHxBC] is a story about the Foretellers and the events that occurred behind the scenes, so for the parts of the story which are important and connected to the main story, including the Keyblade War, I have separated the story telling of that into [KHx] and [KHUx], which can only be experienced by playing them.

By the way, that Master... He's quite the weird guy. Why did you give him that personality? (laughs)

Well, I thought that for such an incredible figure, this is the only way to represent him (laughs). I guess you could say that he doesn't seem to care about anything. He doesn't get annoyed, he doesn't scheme, but when he's serious, he's serious.

There was one more person important to the story – Luxu. Performed by Kenjiro Tsuda, how did that all begin?
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#34
In all my works, including [KH], Hiroshi Shimizu has always been in charge of supervising and controlling audio, as well as directing the compilation and editing. When I talked to him about the secrets behind Luxu, and consulted with him about who would suit to voice him, he was the one to recommend Tsuda-san. Tsuda-san has played “Shakespeare” in another game called “Rampage Land Rankers” and also provided the Japanese dub for the voice of Kylo Ren in Star Wars 7.

I should probably go and get Shimizu-san’s autograph then. When the Master and Luxu are talking with one another, while it feels like a very frank conversation, the end takes a turn with some hidden implications.

I’ve depicted both the Master and Luxu as people whom you will never be able to grasp what in the world they are actually thinking. Luxu is more of the philosophical type, and if I try to put words to it, you could say he’s like the Master, except he’s a bit boring because he lacks the interesting quirkiness.

A boring version of the Master! (laughs) He seems like quite an important and powerful person, however.

Well, he was tasked with the most important mission. The Master even said it himself. It’s all because of the success of that mission that he is able to peer into the future.

So the Keyblade that received the Master’s eye is being passed around in the world of the future then?

Well, it’s hard to confirm whether that’s really true or not. We’re talking about the Master here. In his words, he would probably say something like, “But that can’t be possible!! Right??”

Huh!? But...That being said, the aforementioned Keyblade...It’s the same one that Master Xehanort holds in the future, right?

Yes, it’s the very same one. Succeeding from Luxu, it’s been passed through time and is now held by Master Xehanort. So it can be considered that Master Xehanort is the legitimate successor of that Keyblade, meanwhile Master Eraqus inherited control over the Land of Departure.

The Master appears to be quite the important character, will we find out the reason for his disappearance in [KHIII]?

Some of the story developments from [KHxBC] will be touched upon in some way or shape in [KHIII], but the Master won’t make an appearance. As for his “surprise” on the other hand...

By that are you talking about the box that the Master called a suprise and entrusted to Luxu along with the Keyblade? There was also something written on it...

The perceptive fan may have already worked it out but, it still remains a secret. In [KHIII], a certain person is looking for that box...

So the box’s contents will be revealed in [KHIII]... By the way, in this world that can be considered to be during “the time period spoken about in fairytales”, what sort of position is the X-blade in?

The Master knows about its existence. Using the X-blade as a model, he creates his own Keyblades. Well, by create I don’t mean that in the physical sense, such as forging and tempering them, I mean more along the lines of pulling one out from the depths of a heart.

From what I gather, as a result of the Keyblade War that occurred in the events of [KHx], the Keyblade Graveyard was created, where the Keyblades of the owners that vanished there have been left behind?

That’s right. Basically, they remain there as simple hunks of metal.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#35


Why do Roxas and Ventus look alike?

Because inside Sora, which is Roxas’ body, is Ventus’ heart. As was shown in the opening to BbS and the ending to Last Episode, Sora and Ventus’ heart are linked. And so Roxas, who is a part of Sora, was affected by that and looks just like Ventus.

Why did Roxas faint in Castle Oblivion on Day 297?

Because he had gotten to close to both Sora and Ventus, his “real self”.Before Day 297 in Days Sora had been to Castle Oblivion, as well as the fact that Ventus is asleep somewhere in the Room of Awakening. Both Sora and Ventus can be called Roxas’ “real selves”, and when he felt their presence it made him faint.

Is it possible that Roxas has a heart?

It is thought that it could be Ventus’ heart. In KHII FM there were clues to him having a heart, and in Days we saw Roxas crying proof that he could have a heart. As was said in Q1, he has taken a lot of himself from Ventus. But perhaps when Sora and Roxas were separated, Ventus’ heart stayed in Roxas.

Why can Roxas dual-wield?

Because he can use both Sora’s and Ventus’ keyblades. Sora can wield two keyblades at once because he has Ventus’ as well as his own. As Roxas is a part of Sora, he also can use two. In Days Roxas awakened his ability to dual wield after fighting Xion. In KHII once Sora absorbs him, he can also dual-wield. Roxas awakens his ability to dual-wield with his will to not forget Xion who also wielded a keyblade.

Why was Riku chosen as the original wielder of the keyblade?

Because he was chosen by Terra to inherit. To use a keyblade you must have been chosen to inherit as well as been chosen by the keyblade itself. In BbS you could see that Terra performed the ceremony with Riku, and that is why Riku was able to take the keyblade that Sora used. Because he has been chosen to inherit, Riku can see the keyholes of the world.

Why did Kairi end up with Sora and Riku?

It has to do with Aqua’s “magic”.Nine years before KH, Kairi was thrust into the outside world, and found herself on Sora and Riku’s world. Ansem Seeker of Darkness thought that she had been able to search for a keyblade wielder, but what actually saved her was the magic spell Aqua had put on her.

Why can Kairi use a keyblade?

Because she was touched by Aqua’s keyblade.The keyblade inheritance ceremony is performed with a keyblade master touches someone using a keyblade. When Kairi was running away from the Unversed in BbS she grabbed Aqua’s keyblade, which performed theceremony. That is why she is able to use a keyblade in KHII to help Sora.

Who is Apprentice Xehanort really?

Master Xehanort commandeering Terra’s body Master Xehanort wishes to bring back the Keyblade War and see what happens afterward with his own eyes, but once he found a way to accomplish this he was already an old man with only a few years left to him. Wishing to become young again, he finds Terra, and defeats him with darkness so he can take his body. That is the Xehanort that Ansem the Wise picks up, and makes his number one apprentice.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#36

Where did the Organization’s coat and mark come from?

Xemnas remembering his human years.One year after BbS, Xehanort as well as five other apprentices toss aside their hearts. Then the Nobody Xemnas was born, and the Organization which he creates take a lot of things from his memories as a human. But as Xemnas had two people who he was, Terra and Master Xehanort, he takes from both of their memories. The coat used by the Organization was something that Master Xehanort originally wore. The Nobody mark used by the Organization is a similar shape to the mark Terra used. Xemnas gives Organization members names with an X in them. This has something to do with Master Xehanort’s interest in the X-Blade.

What is the origin of Castle Oblivion?

It is the transformed version of Land of Departure after it was sealed. Castle Oblivion's original form was Land of Departure, where they were in training. It is a special place between the realms of darkness and light, and has been protected for generations so that it is not used for evil. A device was set in place just in case of such an event, and after Master Eraqus was killed and Aqua closed the keyhole of the world, it put this device in action. It turned it into a castle which would draw anyone who goes there into oblivion.

Why is Aqua’s armor in The Chamber of Repose?

Because Aqua tried to save Terra.When she tried to retrieve Terra’s heart from Terra-Xehanort, they both fell into the realm of darkness, and she gave him both her armor and keyblade which allowed him to escape. Because of this when Ansem the Wise picked up Xehanort, he still had the armor and keyblade, which Xemnas then put in The Chamber of Repose.

Why is Xemnas searching for The Chamber of Awakening?

To find Ventus. The Chamber of Awakening is the room where Aqua leaves Ventus sleeping in Last Episode, and is a part of Castle Oblivion. As you can see from Xemnas calling Aqua’s armor “friend”, it seems Xemnas has Terra’s memories and so is searching for Ventus, and is making the other Organization members look for The Chamber of Awakening. The only one who can solve the mysteries of Castle Oblivion is Aqua, so the Organization was never able to find it.

What is the true form of Lingering Sentiment?

After Terra lost his body, his thoughts gathered into his armor. At the end of Terra’s scenario, Master Xehanort had commandeered his body, so his thoughts took control of his armor. Afterward, the armor stayed in the keyblade graveyard, until KHII FM where “Lingering Sentiment” went against Sora. Because he saw that it was not his chosen one Riku using a keyblade, but Sora, he grew suspicious and thought he had something to do with Master Xehanort and attacked him. After fighting him, LS feels Ventus inside of Sora.

Did something happen in Xigbar’s past?

He was Master Xehanort's accomplice. The number two member in the Organization Xigbar conspired with Master Xehanort when he was a human named Braig. Because of this, he knows more about Xemnas, who is the Nobody of Xehanort, than anyone else. That is why he often says strange things, and can speak up against Xemnas.

What sort of people were Organization members 3-8 as humans?

We know now that they had ordinary lives in Radiant Garden. In BbS we’ve seen one part of Xigbar’s past, as well as members 3-8. 3-6 were apprentices under Ansem the Wise and did things like act as guardsmen, but Axel and Saix were just young boys who were friends.

What happened to Ansem the Wise?
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#37

He is wandering in the realm of darkness. Ansem the Wise, who banished to the realm of nothingness by his six apprentices. In KHII, he wanted to release the Kingdom Hearts made from people’s hearts that the Nobodies of his apprentices had created. The machine that he used for that end exploded, taking him with it. It looked as though he disappeared, but we know from the secret event in BbS that he was sent into the realm of darkness. Ansem tried to test the heart’s data form with his machine, but it didn’t go as planned and the machine went berserk. Ansem the Wise was thrust into the realm of darkness, forgetting all of his memories except those concerning Sora.

What made Maleficent want to take over the world?

Because of what she learned from Master Xehanort. In KH Maleficent tried to steal the hearts of the princesses of light by using Heartless soldiers. The reason she decided to do this was because Master Xehanort had told her “If you gather the hearts of the princesses you will be able to control the world.”

Why was Pete put in prison?

It was a punishment for stepping on the hearts of others.

Why did Merlin have Winnie the Pooh’s book?

Terra picked it up and gave it to him. In KH he tells us that it’s not really his book, it had just been in his bag. In BbS we see that it had fallen there as if drawn to him, and Terra had picked it up and given it to him.

Why was Scrooge so interested in ice cream?

He’s always been interested in ice cream.In Ventus’ scenario we find out that the ice cream machine that Huey and the boys were using was original Scrooges machine. As he has always been interesting in making ice cream, that is why he was so interested in it in KHII.


(I'm not going to post every single one. It's a looot of repeating information. Just a general bundle of interviews throughout the years and the recent more interesting interviews)

We were surprised that you would release a KHIII trailer so soon, what with KH 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (hereon KH3D) and KH -1.5 HD ReMIX- still so recent.

I know there are many fans who are restless because we have only released spin off titles since KHII, so I decided to announce it along with FFXV. Considering the stage of development, though, I do think perhaps it is a bit early to be announcing it.

However, it does seem like the visuals already have a solid direction.

Among the developers we are calling the visuals the ‘Kingdom Shader’. On original worlds, the characters will go around with that feel to them. Then, to match the style of each Disney World, the Shader will adjust the visuals depending on the world.

We weren't expecting the soft, illustrated feel as seen in the KH3D movie, rather than a more realistic look.

Perhaps the ordinary course of things would be to go with the realism close to the visuals in the movies so far, but then there wouldn't be any surprises, would there? I think the same thing about existing things like cel shading, too.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#38
How did you come up with these visuals?

How should next-gen Kingdom Hearts be... should I go with the realism from recent works, or go with something different? I thought long and hard about several answers. From that, I knew we had to go back to our original goal for the graphics of the Kingdom Hearts characters: evoking the feel of the brush paintings in Disney works. So, I called on (Mr Takeshi) Nozue and we did test after test, and the result of all our investigating is the 'Kingdom Shader'. Because we are skipping a generation of hardware with our numbered titles, Kingdom Hearts II having been released on PS2, perhaps it will seem like we are changing things too radically. However, we are doing our utmost best to take everything you have seen so far and evolve it to be even richer.

And development is being handled by the Osaka team responsible for KH Birth by Sleep, KH3D and KH -1.5 HD ReMIX-?

The base is the Osaka team. With (Mr Tai) Yasue as Co. Director, they are working in conjunction with the Tokyo Kingdom Hearts staff.

We're interested in how the action in KHIII will have evolved.

Right now there’s a demo version that runs on the hardware… and it’s an absolute storm (laughs). It goes even beyond ‘bold action’. In KHIII you will have a three person party, but depending on the world NPCs will also join in fighting. Basically, some very flashy action will unfold. You’ll be flying through the sky flowing through air battles without landing.

Just with Sora (laughs).

I suppose so (laughs). The enemy AI is becoming rather elaborate, and we’d like for coordinated action to flow from enemies and allies alike. For example, there’s a vehicle-type enemy, and we’ve already got Sora being able to ride that enemy all around during battle.

Even just from watching the Shadows in the trailer moving we certainly can tell that the enemies have evolved. And, on the other side, Sora has gained powers befitting a 'Keyblade Master', hasn't he? Will he be able to transform his Keyblade?

In this stage of testing he can transform it. By the way, in the trailer, Sora picks up the Keyblade belonging to Master Eraqus that Aqua had. We put that together in order to remind you of the story of KHIII, as this time we weren't able to prepare a scene that would show you a portion of the drama.

That means the story begins after the end of KH3D, doesn't it.

Yes. We are currently working through the selection of new worlds. As this is the last chapter of the Dark Seeker Chronicles that has been going since KH1, there will be a final showdown with Xehanort.

If the story continues from KH3D, then is it possible that we will be able to control not only Sora but other characters such as Riku and Kairi?

I can't say the possibility is zero.

We apologize for what might be an overly-specific question, but, what happened to Meow Wow?

What indeed (laughs). The last part of KH3D was meant to be tentative foreshadowing.

Can you speak of the new battle system at all?

For the previous KH’s titles, especially for KH1 and KH2 (core games), I want to make sure that evolution is occurring. For the spin-off games, I wanted to experiment with new challenges and new skills. Because this is a core game, I feel like there are appropriate game styles. KH2 had a game system that was well received by the KH players, and Kingdom Hearts III will follow this system. However, due to the experiments in the spin-off titles, we would like to incorporate the well-received changes of these games.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#39
Will we see any new FF characters? Will we get a chance to play as King Mickey?

The appearance of FF characters is pending. For a while, the previous titles didn’t have any FF characters, and I think it’s time to include some. I know everyone wants to play as King Mickey, so I will take that into consideration. Of course Sora will be the main character to play; it would be nice if other characters are playable as well.

Any plans for multiplayer in Kingdom Hearts III?

Multiplayer elements are also under consideration. We are also looking into online capabilities. We will announce more details regarding this at a later time.

Will summoning be returning to Kingdom Hearts III?

Yes. Summon is going to be available, but in a very different form. In previous titles, Disney characters could be summoned. But in Kingdom Hearts III, it will be a completely different system.

Is this the end of Organization XIII and Nobodies as characters?

Yes, the battle against Organization XIII will end in this title. I don’t know about Nobodies. But, Master Xehanort is the one that organised the Organization XIII and the battle against him will be the end.

Will we actually get to see Kingdom Hearts?

I don’t want to say too much, but Kingdom Hearts has appeared occasionally in the last 10 years of the franchise and I think it will appear again...

All the battle scenes are impressive, but the the images of riding the roller coaster and tea cup while fighting were particular stand-outs.

That is called 'Attraction Flow', and it was one of our showpieces this time. You can make it occur spontaneously by arranging particular conditions, and it is very beautiful to look at. The UI (user interface) you can see in the video is actually only provisional, but in practice the UI will change when you use Attraction Flow. Also, as you saw this time, we have incorporated a 'free run' where Sora's actions automatically change to respond to cliffs, platforms and hills, which makes for even more dynamic action than before.

How do you select which attractions to use for Attraction Flow, and which rides do you like the best?

We look at all the attractions in the Disney parks worldwide, particularly the ones that appear to be popular. We revealed a new Attraction Flow in the latest trailer based off of the Mad Tea Party with Sora, Donald and Goofy spinning around in teacups, but I was actually very surprised by the overwhelming positive feedback from the Western fans for them, as they are not as flashy as the other rides. As for my favorite rides, I really like Disney World’s Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

We were able to see a conversation between a young Xehanort and Eraqus. Will that be the actual opening scene to KHIII?

Yes, it will. After their conversation, the story of this title starts. We only showed an excerpt of their conversation in this video, and the scene is actually longer. As you can tell by their outward appearance, it's a scene set rather a long time ago, and that connects to the plot of KH Unchained Key.

It shows scenes of Sora fighting while wearing a new outfit.

Early on he is wearing the KINGDOM HEARTS II outfit and he will change into the new outfit when you progress through the story.

The key colors of the new costume seems to be black and red?
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#40
Its design is a fusion of the outfits from KINGDOM HEARTS II and KINGDOM HEARTS 3D. Because the KINGDOM HEARTS II outfit was popular among fans, it still has some hints of it while having a sporty design.

Looking at Sora, I feel like he became taller?

It uses the same model from KINGDOM HEARTS II so it hasn’t really change, Maybe it’s his sleeker hair that makes him appear taller; I think.

Previously I’ve heard the game changed its engine. Has the transition made successfully?

When the transition was completed, it allowed KINGDOM HEARTS to expand its expression and gameplay such as the effects on the field. Since there were differences in game engines, modifications were made as much as possible. Visually comparing between the footage, I think nothing seems out of place.

Keyblade transformations seem like a fun element in battle.

My ideas for it came as far as from KINGDOM HEARTS II FINAL MIX, the main characters of KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep were able to transform their Keyblades, and once Sora is able to pass the Mark of Mastery in KINGDOM HEARTS 3D, he will be able to utilize magic to transform his Keyblade that can be ridden as a vehicle and many other great things.

Recently in the series, the Command Deck was at the heart of the battle system, is it a part of KINGDOM HEARTS III?

It will not have the Command Deck. It’ll return to the traditional command types such as “Attack” and “Magic”. Spin-offs were a way to freely challenge ideas. In numbering titles, it would be good to use the traditional system. So I thought KINGDOM HEARTS II could match with KINGDOM HEARTS III.

To suit their appearance according to the world, Sora and the gang have changed into toys.

The design progress it took to make that appearance was long. I’ve tried to make it look like a figurine and I’ve explored various ways of stylizing the graphics into a 3-dimensional bit image.

In the battle scene, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and in addition to Woody and Buzz made it a five-team party?

In the footage, there are five people fighting at the same time. Depending on the world, it’d be possible to fight with up to 4 or more people with guest characters. Teaming up with others is also possible and please wait for the next report regarding the party system.

With Sora being toy sized and battling outside the house, the world felt large.

With that size, it’s not possible for them to go anywhere far (laughs). The main area in the Toy Story world is the toy shop. The footage showed a toy shop called “Galaxy Toys” which is such a large area.

There are situations where Sora fights inside a robot.

The idea of controlling a robot has been around during early development. There are different types of robots you can board and each of their fighting styles are different. There is another gimmick on another floor.

In Olympus, there is an impressive battle between Rock Titan, and there seems to be more variety of elements in each world.

We were pretty conscious about it while making it. Even in KH0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-, I believe the maps have expanded platforming-wise and there is a need for exploration. KINGDOM HEARTS III has fewer Disney worlds than KINGDOM HEARTS II but the quality of each world is greater than in previous works.

In KINGDOM HEARTS II, after visiting each world once, there was a scenario incentive to revisit them but what about KINGDOM HEARTS III?
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