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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#21
Only Riku, who was told by Terra "Don't tell anything of today to anyone," may simply be keeping quiet.

If Terra wasn't the one who stole Aurora's heart in his chapter, who actually did steal it?

It was Master Xehanort and Maleficent. In "KHI" it was shown that beings of darkness like Maleficent and the Heartless are able to steal people's hearts. The theory is that Terra, who has light residing in his heart, is not a being of darkness and therefore didn't steal Aurora's heart.

Who is the hero "similar to Terra" that Zack aspires to be like?

As in the original game, it's Sephiroth. In "KHI FM" and "KHII" Sephiroth was portrayed as a being of darkness, but at the time of "KH BbS" we don't know whether or not he was a being of darkness.

What's the meaning behind the several puzzling images in Terra's chapter where we cross over into his mind?

Firstly, when he hears the name of the masked boy from Master Xehanort at the mysterious wasteland, and we see an image of Aqua and Ventus defeated, that's a hint of the future. On the Destiny Islands, when he makes Riku his successor, he has a special view of him and catches a glimpse of his future. However, this isn't to say that Terra has the ability to see the future - it was a directive nuance intended to portray the future connection between Terra and Riku.

Was Master Xehanort the one who delivered the final blow to Master Eraqus?

Because it was necessary to avoid showing such a cruel scene, it's difficult to tell from the presentation, but that's right. Terra saw this happen right in front of his eyes, so when he realised at the Keyblade Graveyard that Master Xehanort intends to harm Ventus and Aqua, this drives him to anger, saying, "Not only my father Eraqus..."* As an aside, although he says "my father", and we see from Eraqus' words that he thinks of Terra like a son, Terra and Eraqus are not actually father and son. Also, in his final moments Eraqus falls towards Terra - an important meaning is hidden in this scene.

In a memory scene in Ventus' chapter, we see Master Xehanort send Neoshadow Heartless after Ventus. But the Heartless only appeared in the world of light at the time Ansem Report 1 from "KHI" was written - were Ansem the Wise's student Xehanort's experiments with darkness not his first?

As Yen Sid says in "KHII", the Heartless cannot be separated from the darkness in people's hearts, and have been around for a long time. Beings of darkness can draw out the darkness in the heart, so Master Xehanort could summon the Neoshadows with his own hands. In the same way, when Xehanort and Ansem the Wise's students begin to perform the first experiments on the darkness of the heart, artificial Heartless were created in large numbers.

In this title, the dark influence of the Heartless isn't breaking down the walls between worlds, so in this period before Gummi Ships, why are Donald and Goofy able to travel to the Mysterious Tower?

You can think of it as being thanks to Yen Sid, and also because the Mysterious Tower is a loophole world in the first place, so it comes under slightly different rules than the ones that connect the other worlds. By the way, when Donald and Goofy visit the Mysterious Tower in "KHII", they say "Isn't this tower strange!" even though they know it from "KH BbS". This is because the floors are constructed differently to the previous time they visited, which is strange (laughs).

Are the Unversed of a similar nature to the Heartless?
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#22
That's right. The Heartless are born from the darkness of the heart, and Unversed are born from negative emotions, so you can call them relatives (laughs). To make them fundamentally similar, we made the designs similar. However there's one difference in that the Heartless are seeking hearts, whereas the Unversed behave according to Vanitas' will, and emotionally. For example, the Flood portray feelings of irritation.

In "KHI" when Sora stabs the "Keyblade of people's hearts" into himself to release his heart and Kairi's, Sora's Heartless and Nobody were born. When Master Xehanort and Terra:Xehanort stab themselves with the Keyblade, were his and Terra's Nobodies not created?

That is not yet clear. However I will say that the fixed sentiment that remained just after Master Xehanort stabbed himself with the Keyblade was not a Heartless.

When Vanitas calls Aqua a "spare", is he talking about raw materials for making a X-blade?

Yes. She was a "spare" prepared in case Ventus did not survive the fusion process with Vanitas. Aqua was recognised by Eraqus as a legitimate Keyblade Master who viewed light as absolute, and holds a strong heart of light. So if Ventus were to fail she could have been used as material for the X-blade.

Comparing the Organization members when they were human to when they were in the Organization, apart from Xehanort, only Isa and Braig have differently-shaped ears and differently-coloured eyes - why is this?

It's a question of whether or not they're deeply connected to Xehanort. In Braig's case, comparing the scene where he's injured in his battle with Terra and flares up at Xehanort, his appearance afterwards changes, which hints that something happened with Xehanort in between.

Roxas, the "Sora + Ventus" Nobody, was able to use a Keyblade. In contrast Xemnas, the "Terra + Master Xehanort" Nobody, wasn't able to use a Keyblade. Why is this?

I'd rather that point remain a mystery. It's possible that he intentionally wasn't using one.

In "KHI", the robed man, Ansem the Wise's apprentice Xehanort's Heartless (the body of Xehanort's Heartless before he inhabited Riku's body), appeared on the Destiny Islands. Is this because it was Master Xehanort's homeworld?

That may be one reason, but if he somehow had some of Terra's memories, we can consider that it might be because he had laid eyes on Riku previously. In terms of the elements of Terra and Master Xehanort, I think the questions of how their power is related and divided, as well as who has whose memories and heart, will become a key to the story* after this one.

Is that to say that there's a possibility that within Xehanort's Heartless, the darkness that sleeps in Riku's heart, there might remain something of Terra...?

That's also a riddle connected to the next story,* so everyone please use your imagination.

First off, the young man with silver hair that stands on the beach saying “This world is too small.” is a young Master Xehanort, correct?

That’s true.

Then, when Ven’s heart was fractured, someone completed his heart with their own. Was this Sora’s heart?

Yes. That was when Sora was born into the world.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#23
There was a new type of keyblade that appeared this time, changing the “key” in keyblade to “X” (The X of the Greek alphabet, pronounced “key”. It also has the meaning of “ultimate” or “death”.) It’s quite an excellent name.

The name “X-Blade” was Watanabe (Daisuke), the scenario writer’s, idea. How the symbol X ‘crosses’ is symbolic of the crossing of dark and light. The members of Organization XIII get their names by adding an X to the name they had as humans comes from this. Also, the Nobody’s mark looks a lot like Eraqus’ symbol, but you can probably figure out that the reason this is has something to do with Xemnas.

Please tell us more about the Unversed mark and their design concept.

That mark was an idea thought up by the development staff. It looks like an evil heart doesn’t it (laugh.) The concept was “feelings”. We wanted it to represent “anger” and “joy” among other things.

How the Unversed appeared is talked about in the story, but Master Xehanort was controlling Heartless. Were there already Heartless at this time?

Heartless will always exist as long as their are hearts in the world. They have exist since long ago. Those who have fallen into darkness can control them.

Aqua lays a spell on Kairi’s pendant. Is it to protect her from the forces of darkness?

Because of that pendant Kairi was sent to Destiny Island.

So Kairi going to Destiny Island wasn’t just an accident.

What we wanted to show in the story this time was that “fate is inevitable”. Someday Kairi would go to a place where she would be protected by a hero of light.

The way Castle Oblivion came to be, and the whole story about the Room of Awakening have been made clear. So when Sora and his friends visited during 'Chain of Memories', Ven was already sleeping in the Room of Awakening, right?

That's right.

And some members of Organization XIII were searching for it.

Yeah. But only Aqua can solve the mysteries of that castle.

So without Aqua...

Nobody will be able to reach Ven.

So then, why is Xemnas of Organization XIII searching for Ven?

Well, there's still some time between the ending of 'Birth by Sleep' and 'KHI', so...

So you're saying you can't tell us yet (laughs). Braig had a big role in the game, and he was a little ominous...?

In the final scene where Braig appears, his eyes have changed to gold.

Did something happen between him and Master Xehanort?

I think there was a line where Master Xehanort says that he has "scattered some seeds", and that's also referring to Braig.

"Also" referring to Braig!? You're holding something back there... And then there was the scene where Master Xehanort says to Terra, "It seems there is another heart already residing in your own. Well well, Eraqus."

We've put in all kinds of foreshadowing (laughs).

You can't tell us you're not going to make the story between 'Birth by Sleep' and 'KHI' in some form!

I think you can more or less predict what happens in between 'Birth by Sleep' and 'KHI' now. However, this time you could probably imagine what would happen to Terra in the end, but I think when you personally experience it in the game, it can still make you feel something. Even when you know about something, I think there's significance in depicting it, so that may also be made clear at some point.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#24

At one point in 'KHII', Ansem the Wise escapes from the world of darkness. This time he has once again descended into the world of darkness. At what point in time does this happen?

After 'KHII'. When he stopped the Organization's plans in 'KHII', he was caught up in an explosion and blown into the world of darkness. The line where he says, "I first met him one year ago," is referring to before 'he' went to sleep - that is, it's referring to the time of 'Chain of Memories'. It doesn't mean this is one year after 'KHII'.

At that point, it seems like Aqua has been lost for a long time

Yes. From when she comes to the world of darkness to when she meets Ansem the Wise, over 10 years have passed in the outside world. The flow of time is different in the world of darkness and the outside world, so it doesn't feel like 10 years have passed. But there's no mistaking that she's been in the world of darkness for quite a long time

During Aqua's conversation with Ansem the Wise, it's said that some data has been hidden in Sora?

The truth is, that expression was an intentional link to 'coded'. I think people who have played the last chapter of 'coded' will know this, but that isn't foreshadowing for 'coded', it's foreshadowing for what will happen afterwards.

So, it’s not that “once Sora’s story is over the story of a new hero will begin”, but that the series will always have Sora as the hero, isn’t it?

Yeah. One of the concepts of the series is that the hero Sora isn’t some special being, but a normal boy. Sure, his heart is connected to Ventus and the others, but other than that, he’s a normal kid that could have come from anywhere, that hasn’t inherited anything from anyone. I want to make Sora a character that will give the player the feeling that “even if I’m not some special being, I have the possibility buried inside of connecting with many others to accomplish things”.

Talking about the Mysterious Figure

The new secret boss will be like how Lingering Sentiment was to KH2FM. You will think it's impossible that that can happen at that time of the story, but it actually happens.

Talking about the FM bosses

There are many subtle alterations added here and there between No Heart’s armor and Xemnas’ armor in KH2. They couldn’t use the giant cape from Xemnas’ armor this time. Xemnas stayed seated, but No Heart stands up somewhere along the way, so be careful. After standing up, No Heart moves around a lot.
The staff originally said that they wanted to make No Heart and Armor of the Master opponents with cutscenes like the Mystery Man, but it was rejected in order to not take away from the consistency of the plot. Their strength and abilities are the same as the real ones, but the two in armor are handled entirely as revived data, and exist separately from the original plot.
If the bosses were to be ranked according to strength, it would go: Vanitas Sentiment < Mystery Man < Armor of the Master < No Heart. The two in armor in particular are at a strength that assumes you’re fighting with three characters, so they won’t go down easily.


Data Sora had a heart, didn’t he?

Theoretically he doesn’t, but I entrust the answer to the imaginations of those who’ve seen the ending.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#25
In the Secret Movie, it’s said they seem to know the location of Ven’s heart, leaving only Terra left. If we may assume, those two know that Aqua is located in the World of Darkness.

That is what’s being hinted at.

Is it possible that the King met with her in the World of Darkness during Kingdom Hearts I?

About that, I can’t yet say.

Yen Sid asks what if the revived Xehanort isn’t alone. What is the meaning behind that?

Its meaning is literal. What would you do if there was more than just Xehanort? I get a bad feeling just thinking about it. (Laughs.)

So it’s possible that other members of Organization XIII can be revived?

If their Heartless has been defeated then it’s possible.

At what point were Ansem and Xemnas separated from Xehanort? When did they lose their memories?

Sometime between Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts I. It happened during the events in the Ansem Reports from Kingdom Hearts I. Was it really memory loss? In the Birth by Sleep Secret Movie, Braig doubted it.

Additionally, there is only one master right now, and that’s the King. When did the King become a master?

During Birth by Sleep, the King is in the middle of his Mark of Mastery exam. Therefore, by the time of Kingdom Hearts, he has become a Keyblade Master. Yen Sid is a retired master and he can proctor the Mark of Mastery exam. Thus, this time, he will administer the test to Sora and Riku.

So the letter Sora receives in the ending has to do with the Mark of Mastery?

Well, how about that. Incidentally, even though Kairi can wield a Keyblade, she won’t be a testing candidate.

So will Kingdom Hearts 3D be the telling of their Mark of Mastery exam?

Kingdom Hearts 3D will be the platform for it. We’ve completed the axis for the system, right now we are testing how things are implemented, continuing in the trial and error process. In 3D you will be able to play as Sora and Riku, but we are considering making their main operation systems different. In Chain of Memories they both used cards but they used them differently. We’re thinking about having two types of play styles like that.

Data Sora can newly obtain a legitimate Keyblade during his adventure, but are there changes to the real Keyblade when that happens?

No, it’s a data version the entire time. However like with the first Keyblade, it wasn’t created by someone else. It comes from the heart’s connections with the data, hinting towards the story theme, “Can a heart be born in an existence made of data?”

During Re:Coded, Namine seems to have explained the reason for the “pain” mentioned in the journal to Sora and company, but why does she take the roundabout method of accessing the data in the Jiminy Journal and adding to it?

At the point of time when Namine explained Sora’s secret in the real world, she already knew that by the time Sora and company woke up she would be gone. She thought she wouldn’t be able to speak to them directly. Thus she left a note in Jiminy’s Journal, however she didn’t presume what sort of form the meaning of the message would take when presented to Sora and company. Therefore Jiminy’s Journal was made into data according to the King and co.’s assumptions.

As for the outbreak of bugs in Jiminy’s Journal, did they accidentally appear as a result of Namine adding data? Or did Namine intentionally devise the bugs in order to make Sora triumph over the “pain”?
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1 year ago#26
That occurring wasn’t part of Namine’s intentions. She couldn’t predict that Sora's Heartless would take charge and bring about a crisis like that.

I see… Roxas appears dressed in the black coat in Castle Oblivion among other worlds too. Was that something else that Namine had not added intentionally?

Right. Since Roxas and Sora together make up one existence, if there is a Sora made of Kingdom Hearts I data, then data of Roxas must exist too. Roxas says, “It’s my personal duty to check whether or not Sora is ready to take the pain.” However that role was not assigned by Namine, Roxas personally decided that goal and acted upon it accordingly.

Who was the person taken from the data of Jiminy’s Journal that took the form of Riku in the data world?

That wasn’t someone from the real world’s data, more like that was the data itself taking on the body of Riku in order to avoid being eroded by the bugs.

When each world is completely debugged, a scene is shown that was not seen in Kingdom Hearts I. Did those scenes occur at the same point in time as Kingdom Hearts I?

Yes, they were memories deep in the data of the worlds recorded in Jiminy’s Journal, however as a result of Data Riku searching after the worlds were debugged, they were tangible to the King and company.

In the final chapter of Hollow Bastion, it happens in the story that if the Jiminy Journal is completely debugged, then the existence recorded in the data will be erased. Then why is it even if Data Sora doesn’t remember, Data Riku’s memories remain?

Data Sora became an existence whose purpose was to go about debugging, so at the point in time when he had completely debugged the data his memories were gone. In Data Riku’s case, it existed in the main data even without the Jiminy Journal itself being erased, and since its purpose was to solve the mystery first written in the journal, it couldn’t fulfill it until the debugging was complete. Once the mystery was solved, it too would lose its memories.

Throughout playing the lines “Restoration Rate X%” appears a few times, when it reaches 100% Sora Heartless begins to run amok. Does that number represent the growth condition of Sora Heartless?

In Kingdom Hearts II, Sora’s memory restoration rate was expressed that way. In this case it’s basically showing how much of the data world was restored thanks to Sora. However it’s also like an indicator of Sora Heartless’ growth since it grew at the same time as Sora exterminated the bugs.

After debugging Traverse Town, the King says to Sora, “That day, your travels began here. Also on that day, I was here too.” Does that mean that the King was in the same place at the same time as Sora adventured into Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts I?

Seems so. What he was actually doing becomes the previously mentioned “blank time period”, but in this title, it’s implying that the two crossed paths in the same place.

As for the story, the curtain has closed on Sora finally saying “thank you” to Namine. In your Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Ultimania interview, you mentioned that Sora not having yet thanked Namine was foreshadowing the future. Is that matter considered settled now?

Although it can’t really be said that it’s completely settled since they haven’t exchanged words in the real world, there’s naturally that implication. This time it’s the data of Sora from before Chain of Memories saying thanks, however it shows there was a special connection beyond the passage of time between Sora and Namine. Additionally, it gives a contradictory answer to the implication that data existences don’t have hearts shown in the story.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#27
I’m going to ask about the Secret Movie now. Yen Sid tells, “With Ansem and Xemnas defeated, it means Master Xehanort will be revived.” When Yen Sid explained about Organization XIII in Kingdom Hearts II, did he know this at that point in time?

He knew, but it couldn’t be avoided. At that time Xemnas existed as the main threat, so nothing could be done until he was defeated.

“If you release the heart of the Heartless and annihilate the body of the Nobody, then the real form will be revived.” If those conditions are met, can others outside of Xehanort be revived too?

It can be considered a possibility. Although it’s what-if speaking, I think that if the members of Organization XIII were restored, they would become there true form.

Though he’s a member of Organization XIII, Axel is shown in the end of Re:Coded in the memories of “pain”…

Since healing the necessary “pain” of Axel’s is different than with other people, if he is revived he will take a form like Xehanort’s. In the end of the story, Namine says, “Those whose memories are sleeping inside Sora need relief.” In the Birth by Sleep secret cutscene “Blank Points”, certain characters call out to Sora, however in that scene Axel is the only one who appears and doesn’t say Sora’s name out loud.

Speaking of the Birth by Sleep secret cutscene, Ansem the Wise says that he hid his research results in Sora. This complies with what happens in Re:Coded when Namine says DiZ (Ansem the Wise) has hid something inside Sora. Is that mystery remaining unsolved?

Yes. Namine added data to the Jiminy Journal in order to convey that the “pain” of those connected to Sora must be healed, but at the point in time Ansem hid the research results inside Sora, he didn’t know that. Accordingly, Ansem’s research results will become the key to healing the “pain” in the future of the story.

So even though Namine and Ansem acted independently, as a result of what the two did, it leads to one thing. And speaking of those details…

Since that will likely become the story for Kingdom Hearts III, please look forward to that until then.

We were surprised when Yen Sid said, “Supposing Xehanort isn’t alone?”

If you look back in the past titles, weren’t you always fighting some form of Xehanort? As Ansem, as Xemnas, and as Master Xehanort, his form is different in each time and there is a reason why he appears differently each time. Don’t you suppose that it’s going to influence the future?


The setup certainly was different and trickier than before. In their travels this time they were essentially supposed to go to the worlds shut by sleep, but in the end, an entirely different world sets the stage.

There are other worlds shut by sleep, and from the start which ones they would go to was not decided. Even Yen Sid didn’t know which worlds they would go to. Amidst that, they were guided by two members of Organization XIII to The World That Never Was.

What about when Riku looked upon the Robed Figure when he dove into another world, was it assumed he’d join Organization XIII?

Since they knew he’d wake up soon, it’s reasonable to assume as much, but that wasn’t necessarily why the Organization had guided him. Still, they weren’t ready to completely give up on Riku, they wanted to win him over into the Organization. However, Riku had developed a resistance to darkness and as a result, they gave up.
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1 year ago#28
Riku really rose to the occasion, especially in the final battle, shouting lines like, “Still there?”

As tension leading to the end of the story, I steadily added bosses that weren’t originally planned since it’d feel anticlimactic without a battle. As I was making progress writing the scenarios, I called the Osaka development team and asked if they could add more. The battle with the armor after the last dive was one that they added for me, I didn’t think it’d be clearly understood without a fight sequence.

Riku had a lot going on this time. In comparison to Sora, he has the charm of a dark hero type. How do you see him?

Riku grows while carrying various troubles with him, he’s a lot like a retro Square hero I think. Final Fantasy-esque, so to speak. On the other hand, I made Sora the sort of character you wouldn’t see in a retro Square game.

Sora’s just a regular boy, huh. Why isn’t he the daring hero type?

There is the thought that the player is equal to Sora. Naturally, there are people who are not like Sora. (Laughs) But I had the premise that a heart like Sora’s exists within all the players. Sora is “ordinary”, therefore everyone is “ordinary”. I figure even if you’re “ordinary”, everyone can exhibit a special power just like Sora, as long is it’s for something important

I want to ask more about The World That Never Was. Is that world a part of reality? Or is also a world of sleep?

When that world’s logo appears, it indicates the boundary between the dream and reality. When Sora arrives, it’s reality and then goes into a world of sleep. Riku arrives in the sleeping world, and as you progress and the world logo appears, that’s when it becomes reality.

When both of them are in the reality parts, they don’t return to their original bodies. Why is that?

It’s because of Yen Sid’s magic that they’ve taken their old forms. If they didn’t return to Yen Sid’s place, their bodies wouldn’t return back to normal. Incidentally, their new outfits were thanks to Yen Sid’s magic as Sora suspected.

Riku fights a Nightmare wearing a black coat in this world, just who was that?

That Nightmare was the personification of the nightmare Sora was having.

What about Xemnas and Ansem, essentially they weren’t inside anyone, was it due to circumstances of the Sleeping Worlds?

First off, when Young Xehanort made contact with the Robed Figure–that is to say, the Xehanort who called himself Ansem–his abilities were transferred to him. As a result of Master Xehanort tossing his physical body away, he was able to transcend time, and this power was carried into the Robed Figure. Thus when Young Xehanort made contact with him, he gained this power. Possessing this power, Young Xehanort functioned as a “Portal” which summoned Xemnas and Ansem each time they appeared. That’s why Young Xehanort was there whenever they were. Additionally, when Sora and Riku dropped into the Sleeping Worlds, simultaneously Young Xehanort himself goes into the worlds of sleep.

What about Vanitas?

Vanitas is different than Xemnas and Ansem; he doesn’t necessarily have a physical form. He reacted to Ventus within Sora, so that’s how he was visible.
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1 year ago#29

After generating and before attacking Sora, were Xemnas and Ansem somewhere that exceeded beyond time?

That’s right.

When King Mickey stopped time, Young Xehanort began to move. Since he can control time, was he breaking the King’s spell?

Young Xehanort wasn’t using his own power at that time. The King’s magic was broken because Master Xehanort was assimilating with Young Xehanort. Only “Recusant Sigil” was added by Organization XIII.

It was when the figures started appearing in the thrones.

Indeed. Time was stopped just as Master Xehanort was materializing. So he moved his consciousness to Young Xehanort’s body. Reacting to this, King Mickey exclaimed, “Oh no. Are you…” Young Xehanort was holding a Keyblade that he originally wasn’t able to handle thanks to Master Xehanort’s power. Though the keychain on it is different, the Keyblade he takes out is Master Xehanort’s.

I see. Young Xehanort himself is still on the Destiny Islands and isn’t able to wield a Keyblade yet.

Right. Even when he appeared as an additional boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, he wasn’t using a Keyblade.

By the way, Braig’s dealings with Master Xehanort in Birth by Sleep make sense now, as he was to become a vessel.

There is a certain reason for Braig to proudly exclaim, “I’m already half Xehanort.” Isa (Saïx) is included too. I think you’ll understand the details about their circumstances eventually.

What happens to the hearts of those who have had Master Xehanort’s heart planted within them?

They’ll gradually be swallowed by it. As for Master Xehanort, he plans to control them completely. The planted parts of the heart are captured rather than disappear.

Lea (Axel) ended up playing an unexpected role. I was wondering what was running through your mind when you thought to make him a Keyblade wielder.

I figured since he had returned to being human, he wouldn’t have much luck bringing back the people he wanted without some sort of power. Throwing his chakrams doesn’t really count. (Laughs)

It’d be bad if he started a fire, huh? (Laughs) Is he still able to pass through the Corridors of Darkness like before?

DiZ is also human and can pass through the Corridors of Darkness. Since Lea has the memories of being Axel, he saw the message Ansem wrote on the wall in Radiant Garden and thought that was the only way he could travel. Of course, using the Corridors frequently is dangerous.

After that, he came to Yen Sid hoping to train.

Yes. Since the Mysterious Tower is in an unknown spot, first you have to enter via King Mickey’s world. After that, they trained in a place where time flows differently, managed by Merlin, the great magician who can exceed time, as well as the Fairies.

Did he have any prior experience?

In order to wield a Keyblade, the most important requirement is to be “the owner of a strong heart.” Regardless if it’s a good heart or a bad heart, a strong heart is necessary. Right now there are a lot of things that Lea wants to regain. That desire is connected to the strength of his heart.

Even though Axel had been eliminated in Kingdom Hearts II, since that time, had you considered having him appear again in his human form Lea?

I thought a lot about that. Should I leave him as he was or should I bring him back again? However, when I considered the people that Lea wants to bring back, his existence plays a big role. I think Lea has successively become a key character.
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1 year ago#30

Incidentally, Ventus’s body is in Castle Oblivion and his heart is with Sora right?

Right. Even though he only appears a little bit in the end of KH3D, when Sora was surrounded by Dream Eaters, you see that he smiled because of it.

I see. Were there certain intentions in that scene with the Dream Eaters?

That scene was added in the final stages of production. It wouldn’t feel right to have worked so hard raising the Dream Eaters without some sort of closure. Also, since Sora has obtained the power to open doors into Sleeping Worlds, I purposely wanted to show a scene where he used that power.

Did the characters from “The World Ends With You” appear in Traverse Town due to the Osaka Development Team’s proposal, too?

No. In the first scenario, they planned to have Leon and Cid and the others like always. However, it would have been weird for them to be in the Traverse Town in this title, and maybe it was time to give the “Arriving-in-Traverse-Town-and-having-Cid-say-“Hey kid” routine" a rest. So, when I thought about who’d feel fresh to put in, I thought it might be interesting to depict teenagers from a city like Shibuya coming into contact with country kids like Sora, thus I decided to put in the characters from TWEWY. Also, another reason was that in this title, Traverse Town is a world in which many things must be explained, and Joshua is just right for the role of explainer.

If we were to guess from the plot so far, the next title must surely follow on from KH3D and depict the confrontation between the 13 Xehanorts that are seeking the χ-blade, and Sora and the others who make up the 7 Guardians of Light?

Well, yes, I think so. That will feel like it’s leading to the conclusion of the Xehanort saga.

We’re intrigued as to who the Xehanorts will use to replace Sora as the 13th Darkness.

I left that a mystery in order to intrigue you all, of course. It’s unclear who about half of the other twelve are too, seeing as they didn’t come out from under their black coats, so I would love for you to try thinking about their true identities. It’s all set up properly who is sitting in each seat, even regarding people who didn’t show up in the scenario of this title.

Are there also familiar characters?

There are many familiar characters. However, fundamentally who they are is still a secret.

Are the 7 Guardians of Light the 7 people raising their Keyblades at the end of the opening movie?

But among them, you’re missing Kairi, who appeared in the secret ending of this title. Please look forward to finding out whether those seven will actually be the 7 Guardians of Light.

Before the ending, Riku receives research data from Ansem the Wise. In the next title, will that be the key to bringing back the people who are sleeping inside Sora?

You could say it’s the key. That data contains the details explaining the way to connect lost hearts.

Are there any Disney titles you’d like to see appear in the future of the series?

I wish and wish, but I’ve wanted for a long time to have Pixar titles appear in the series. I’m already working on many ideas, but I can’t say whether they will become a reality or not.

Is the first cutscene we see in KH3D a flashback to 10 years before the first Kingdom Hearts when Xehanort and co. lost their hearts in an experiment?

That’s right. That’s because in a sense it was the beginning of the story of this title.
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