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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

11 months ago#181
This ultimania is a tough one to gather together. There's so many different translations, scattered interview pieces and random excerpts. Some totally different like I've seen a translation asking about Scala where Nomura is just like "I think you'll figure it out if you pay attention" and another where apparently Nomura straight says "yes it used to be Daybreak Town and the castle is underwater'
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User Info: sniffy

11 months ago#182
"Lauriam is Lauriam."

I was going over Nomura san's interview where he tries to put the kibosh on the theory that Lauriam is Marluxia. He could actually be telling the truth. Why are these characters so different from their alter egos? I have a theory...

Maybe they are based off different hearts all together. Lauriam and Elrena's hearts were displaced by two other unnamed characters who hitched a ride to the future in their bodies. Their minds and memories scrambled, they were turned into nobodies with the physical appearances of their originals, but the souls of two other people.

This would explain why they are no longer keyblade wielders. Since the original hearts are gone, so is the ability to wield keyblades. They would be useless to Xemnas and expendable.
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User Info: DDrift

10 months ago#183
Thanks for collating the interviews!

User Info: CarrieChan

8 months ago#184
Ooh nice.

User Info: Oldin

5 months ago#185
CarrieChan posted...
Ooh nice.
Indeed @CarrieChan
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User Info: CarrieChan

5 months ago#186

User Info: Asmodaios344

4 months ago#187
Thank you TC for your hard work. As a fan of the series from 2002 is a very nice to see so much important information in one place.
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