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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#11

No. The King has the ability to use Keyblades from both the Realms of Darkness and of Light. This is an important point – There isn’t just one Keyblade from each world, but just as many as there are people with qualified hearts.

During the meetings, the members of Organization XIII are sitting in chairs. Is the height of these chairs determined by things like their skills and abilities?

No. The height of the chairs is not fixated – They move. That is to say that the height is up to each person. The leader, Xemnas, is always the highest, and to be at the same height as him would give that member a pretty bad feeling, so the other members wouldn’t do that. *Laughs*

At the end of Sora and Riku’s stories in Re: Chain of Memories, Roxas looks back while Hayner and the rest are walking and eating ice-cream, and without seeming to care, Hayner and the others continue walking. Is this because they can’t see Roxas?

Well it’s just because they don’t know Roxas that they don’t notice him, not because they can’t see him. At that time, right after Xemnas explains Roxas’ name, Axel says to leave things to him. Then, Roxas seems jealous of how Hayner and the others are enjoying themselves while eating ice-cream, and Axel interprets this as him wanting some ice-cream, so he is obliged to go buy him some.

In the real Twilight Town, did Roxas cross paths with Hayner and the others and make aquaintances with them?

I suppose. You can think whatever you want about that.

What triggered Roxas’ separation from the Organization?

As he kept having recurring dreams of Sora, someone he didn’t know, he felt he needed to leave the Organization to find out who these people he didn’t know were. As Axel didn’t want him to go, he didn’t tell Sora about Roxas in Castle Oblivion, did he?

In Riku’s ending in Re: Chain of Memories, could you tell us the meaning of the scene where the King and Riku are walking together and Riku suddenly plops down.

That’s because Riku realized he couldn’t completely get rid of the Darkness inside of him. The King mentioned in Kingdom Hearts II that as Riku held Xehanort’s Heartless in his heart, he disappeared from the King’s sight. It’s a sort of foreshadowing. In this scene, the King’s face looks worried for a moment because he felt that Riku might eventually no longer be there. Riku headed towards DiZ in order to restore Sora’s memories to normal, but in the end, his departure from the King was so that he wouldn’t show his preparations to use the Darkness.

Could you tell us at what point Riku covered his eyes?

When he departed from the King. You don’t know after the scene, but in Riku’s ending in Re: Chain of Memories, when he comes to wherever DiZ is, he’s already covered his eyes.

Please confirm some things about Castle Oblivion. In the additional event “The Truth about the Chamber of Sleep”, you can gather from Xigbar and Zexion’s conversation that Castle Oblivion existed in the Inbetween Realm before the birth of the Organization. The Organization then found it and used it for experiments about memories and to look for the Chamber of Awakening, right?

Yes. Since their conversation was about Marluxia’s entry, they discovered the Castle before that. In fact, its use, according to Secret Ansem Report 7, was for only 13 Organization Members. Naminé awoke in Castle Oblivion, but as she and Roxas were born at the same time, half of the Organization moved to the Castle.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#12

In the additional event “To Put an End to Everything”, Sora says “It should have been easy to say thanks to Naminé, but I couldn’t say it”. At this point in time, does Sora remember the things that happened with Naminé?

If he remembers, it’s because Naminé’s existence was made possible by Sora, and when Naminé and Roxas return to Kairi and Sora, many things were connected. Since Sora never got to say thanks to Naminé, please think of that as a hint.

In the additional event “Farewell to a Friend”, there’s a scene where Axel tells Roxas “You really do have a heart, don’t you”. What is the actual case here?

In this scene, it ends bringing up more mysteries about Roxas, so for the answer, maybe take care to follow your hunches well. It’s also related to Xehanort’s memories, but I can’t give any specifics now.

Does anti-form originate from when Sora was turned into a Heartless?

Story-wise, yes. Drives are very strong so anti-form exists as a side-effect of using too much power. System-wise, I wanted to create something strong but troublesome.

Why did Kairi forget about Sora in the beginning?

When Sora lost his memory, so did everyone that had anything to do with him. While Sora was in the capsule and getting his memories mended, everyone's memories (of him) started to come back too. That's why Leon and the others at Hollow Bastion said "Until lately, we've all forgotten about Sora".

Is there a reason for the King to wear the black coat?

While Sora was fighting up in front, the King was fighting in the background while being undercover. But of course it's very easy to figure out it's the King. (laugh) He's wearing the coat to camouflage himself while searching for info on the 13 Organization.

If the Organization are Nobodies, does that mean their Heartless are somewhere, too?

They're probably somewhere but not that great of a Heartless.

Around the end there was a scene where Kairi held a keyblade, so does that mean she has the nature to be a Chosen One?

I wonder? There are still more backgrounds of the keyblade that haven't been revealed. I'm still going around that, so I can't say anything much about it. But it's true that scene is hinting something.

Tifa from FFVII showed up.

In fact, back when we were working on KH:FM, some of the staff members wanted to have Tifa show up. They said "Battling with Tifa would be fun, in a melee sense" and originally wanted to add both Sephiroth and Tifa (into KH:FM) but due to tight schedules, we could only go with one character so we inserted Sephiroth into KH:FM. Because of that, we decided to let Tifa show up in this game. When we were recording the voices for KHII, coincidentally they were also doing the recording for FFVII:AC so somehow we end up doing "Today we record FFVII:AC, tomorrow KHII"... (laugh) The voices were recorded in the same flow so I'm glad about that.

Speaking of Tifa, there's an event where she talked to Cloud after beating Sephiroth.

In Nojima-san's scenario, it explained Cloud and Tifa's connection more in-depth but I deleted it away. I thought it would be more interesting to let the gamers think about it. For example, "If Cloud's darkness is Sephiroth, then Tifa is light"; in that sense you can take it that Tifa isn't really human. The reason Tifa doesn't talk to anyone else besides Sora and co. may be because she doesn't exist as a human. Of course, I also presented her in a way that she could also be a resident of Hollow Bastion, so I think you can feely think for yourself about her.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#13

In the last scene in the ending, they received a letter from the king. I’m quite curious to what’s written in it.

I was troubled for a very long time on whether I should show the letter’s contents or not, and in the end I decided to let people speculate it themselves. You can guess what’s in the letter by looking at those three’s facial expressions: Sora looking at it blankly, Riku smirking and Kairi looking slightly worried. If it was just a “Hello, it’s been awhile”, they would be smiling instead so at least it’s hinted it is not that kind of simple letter. Actually, it was planned to have a little more scene to it and by watching it you could tell what’s in the letter. I might be able to show that scene when I get the chance to.

After the ending, there’s a secret movie this time, too. What exactly is the movie trying to tell?

I actually have a solid idea on what the movie’s setting will be in my head. In the previous game’s secret movie, I wasn’t even sure if I would be making a sequel or not, so some parts of it were quite vague. But this time I already have an idea my head where I think “This is it.”

Did that scene happen in the future or in the past?

I would at least say it’s an episode in the past, but…. Hmm, how should I say this? It’s in the past but you can also think it’s in the future, something like that.

Who are the 3 armored people?
Those 3 are completely new people who haven’t shown up at all. In fact, I’ve already thought of their names. Back when I was making that movie, I only had their settings but now I’ve even drawn their faces to give myself a clearer image of them.

The king, Sora and Riku’s keyblades were there, too.

It’s to show that those three armoured people aren’t them but that doesn’t mean they don’t have connections. The words “Keyblade War” that showed up in the middle were to implicate that there were fights between Keyblades. Most of the puzzles in the first KH have been solved in KHII but there are many things about the Keyblade that haven’t been revealed yet. A line from the previous game’s Ansem Report #8 appeared in the movie but that is to say “It means this but it’s not explained yet.”

Does that mean you already have a plot for KHIII?

Hmm… I have an idea but it can’t be helped because my team are planning to work on our next different title. So we’re not working on KHIII now and we’re not planning to work on it for some time, too. I have a plot in my head but I’m not sure if it’ll be released to the world or just stay in there.

358/2 DAYS

Just what does the title “358/2 Days” mean?

That’s the question that everyone has to ask in interviews. (laughs) There is an answer, but I think it’s best not to answer it. Well okay, I’ll give a little hint. “/2” is read in English as “over two”, but this isn’t the kind of over that means to “pass over” something. The 358 days are shared between two people, so “/2”, but I’d rather you imagine which two we are talking about. After you’ve finished playing it you might change your mind about who the two people are.

How did you come up with Xion, who became such a key person in the storyline?

We showed how Roxas left Organization XIII in KH2. At the same time as we were polishing off the KH2 project, we had assumed to a certain extent what Roxas’ movements were during the time period when Days happens, and thought that “Roxas definitely left the Organization because of the influence of someone close to him.” And, we thought that “someone” should be a girl his own age. Flowing from that, we began to construct the storyline, beginning with Xion’s existence.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#14

Xion’s appearance changes depending on the relationship of the person looking at her. It seems that when that relationship changes, she changes.

The figure Roxas sees is the same as what the player sees, but for example, when Xigbar and Saix see her, her figure is different. At first some people thought it was unnatural she would be wearing a hood and then not in the same scene, but I think you come to understand it as you advance through the game. People connected with a certain person see Xion as ‘Xion’. In the case of Xemnas, since he is connected to various people, he basically sees ‘Xion’, however sometimes he sees ‘him’. Who ‘he’ is, I want you to confirm it on your own. Xigbar also sees ‘him’.

Will the relationship between Sora and ‘him, Xemnas, and Xigbar be revealed in Birth by Sleep?

Please look forward to it. In Birth by Sleep, the initial Organization members appear, but I can’t say they play an active part. At that time, they were humans. Pay attention to Xigbar in particular. Although, when you think you understand his true nature… The mystery may deepen even more. (Laughs) He has a different standing than the other Organization members, there’s speculation about his original form.

Xigbar calls Xion ‘Puu-chan’ (poppet in English), coming from the French word meaning doll (poupée).

I requested to Mr. Ishida, “I want him to call her by a nickname that parodied ‘doll’”, and this is what we came up with. Xigbar is hinting at Xion’s true nature from the beginning.

At the time he met her, Riku was surprised to see Xion, even though he had a similar event happen to him in COM.

At this time he noticed the true nature of her face, and knew what would happen, resulting in him telling her to leave the Organization.

As for Xion loosing the ability to wield the Keyblade midway, it is because Roxas and Xion have a yo-yo effect.

As Roxas gets stronger, Xion gets weaker. Roxas influences Sora, and Xion influences Roxas.

The initial members of the Organization abandoned their hearts intentionally. Why, now, do they collect hearts?

The reason is to have a ‘complete existence.’ KH1’s Ansem (Xehanort, stealing this name) had a purpose, and realizing that he had transcended being a human, turned into a Heartless. Xemnas remembers that purpose, but as a Nobody, ‘an empty shell,’ collects hearts to become complete. The other members of the Organization have their own expectations, but are there mainly for the purpose of collecting hearts to complete Kingdom Hearts, as only Xemnas stared ahead and made it a priority. It is natural that Nobodies, who do not have hearts, demand hearts, though it may seem that Sora’s defeating them is unnecessary, the Organization members don’t look for their own hearts, but collect many from unspecified persons, and use them instead, placing the hearts in a situation where they cannot go back to their origin.

Xemnas’s goal will be further hinted at in Birth by Sleep, the ‘Room of Awakening’ that he is looking for is related.
The person named ‘Xehanort’ appears in the trailer in various ways you might expect, but those will develop in ways that exceed all imagination. Axel goes to Castle Oblivion more than the other members by the orders of Xemnas to look for the Room of Awakening, he’s not plotting alone.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#15
Since before the beginning of Castle Oblivion, the ‘Room of Awakening’ has its origin. The creation of these are told in Birth by Sleep. It is a fact that Saix and Axel probably wanted to take over the Organization, however they didn’t understand what they were going to do or how to do it. As for Xemnas, he knew about this betrayal, but never brought it up. Generally, one’s conduct was for the sake of their purpose. It is a fact that Saix and Axel were acquaintances as humans, and that fact might be touch upon in Birth By Sleep.

This time there was no Secret Movie for 358/2 Days, because after the game, Kingdom Hearts 2 begins.

Instead, there is an emphasis on the hidden characters and secret reports. As for the Secret Reports, the staff removes the names to make it more mysterious! There is only a hint to who wrote what, so use your imagination to figure it out! Here’s a list of the number of reports each member wrote!

Xemnas: 4
Xigbar: 5
Xaldin: 1
Vexen: 1
Lexaeus: 1
Zexion: 2
Saix: 9
Axel: 19
Demyx: 2
Luxord: 2
Marluxia: 1
Larxene: 1
Xion: 12

Originally, it is Sora that gives Roxas the power of light to use the Keyblade in fencing moves. But it is because of the influence of Xion that it’s possible for him to use two at the same time.

The Keyblade can be passed under certain conditions, but a clear thing cannot be said about that. The transfer of the Keyblade from Roxas to Riku at the skyscraper is related to Xion. Although it is the origin of the name “Xion,” the flower Aster Tataricus also means “forget-me-not” and “recollection.” And Riku received that, “to pass away memories.” When Riku gets the Keyblade, such meanings are contained in a flashback carried out by Xion.

Although it’s a subordinate of Roxas, the Samurai Nobody attacks in the end, because of the severing of the relationship with their master, Roxas.

At the time, it was in development to have a subordinate Nobody in battles, but because of the difficulty involved in making such a thing happen, the goal did not materialize.

To the bitter end, it is not Kingdom Heart’s intention in itself to collect hearts

There is no difference between a “pure blood” Heartless, and the ones with the emblems, only the process of their births. But a heart does not appear from the pure blood Heartless. This is touched upon in Kingdom Hearts 1, and may be elaborated on in the future.

With Vexen’s plan, and Roxas’s joining, Vexen’s plan took priority.

Roxas being made from Sora and becoming a member wasn’t an intention, but it was lucky for them!

What is the meaning of the ‘x’ in the Organization member’s names? Also, was adding the ‘x’ to their original names difficult?

it was Xemnas’s decision to add the ‘x’. I think the meaning will become clear in Birth by Sleep. Think of the circumstances of the Organization member’s names with an ‘x’ added. We came up with many name candidates the with ‘x’ added in together with the staff, we rack our brains while we consider them.

Will the real names of Organization XIII be released publically?

Like how Axel’s real name was revealed in 358/2 Days, I think they’ll be revealed if there is an opportunity to do so.

Who is your favorite character?

It’s Sora. Since he is involved with the first title I directed, I’ll always feel a close connection to him. Since I wasn’t such a good kid, I have the desire to entrust those things I didn’t to Sora.
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1 year ago#16

Please tell us how you decide on the image of the character’s clothing.

I design them so their clothes don’t become too fantastic. Using Sora’s outfit as a base, the outfits of Kingdom Hearts are designed to suit it. The design for Roxas was made more refined than Sora. If Sora was a country child, Roxas would be the urban child. By the way, the checkers of Roxas’s clothing represent light and darkness.

Who are the strongest ranking Organization XIII?

Xemnas is the strongest, and Roxas is considerably strong if you include his potential. Xaldin and Lexaeus are higher after that. However, when their strength is configured by preference, it’s different than how it appears in the story.

About how old is Xemnas?

Nobodies don’t age; they exist as they were at the time of becoming a Nobody. He seems about 30 years old?

What is the definition of a heart in Kingdom Hearts?

It is the theme of the series. To explain it simply, a person has a body, a soul, and a heart. As an image, the soul is the life source, without it a person would be dead. Since the heart doesn’t have a form, memories play an important part in forming a heart. Also, the heart isn’t limited to people, but to all things. I tried to explain this concept to Disney, and they merely said that it must be an Eastern way of thinking. It may be interesting how overseas players think of it.

The "Replica Plan" that was the key to this game, was it begun with Roxas' entry into the Organization?

No, earlier than that. Originally Vexen was working privately to advance the research on Replicas, but for the Organization's goal of completing "Kingdom Hearts of people's hearts" they needed to use the Keyblade to recover hearts, so they switched to this plan of copying the Keyblade hero. As for who was or wasn't told about the "Replica Plan", that depended only on their different missions.

Xigbar wasn't told about it, but he seems to have found out on his own.

Even in Final Mix+, Xigbar was probing Zexion about the "Room of Awakening" - he was investigating various things on his own. He will be talked about again in Birth by Sleep.

Xion looked like "him" in Xigbar's eyes, so why did he also treat her as a girl?

First of all, Xigbar didn't always see Xion as "him", it's more like he appeared just at that moment. He always sees Roxas treating her as a girl, so he just goes along with that. There's no need to give Roxas doubts, and the way he called her "Puu-chan (Poppet) (Doll)" from the start was just joking around, typical for a guy like him.

Roxas and Xion collapse several times in the story, is this because of Sora's influence?

Roxas has been existing closely with Sora from the start, and directly feels the influence of Sora's present conditions. Afterwards that tendency appears in Xion too. The two of them are sharing Sora's power, so if on the one hand one of them gains a lot of power, the other's body weakens and they collapse. It's a relationship that is only practical if kept perfectly in balance.
Roxas and Xion's incidents
Day 26: Roxas faints-- In order for the changes in Sora's memories to progress.
Day 74: Xion becomes unable to use the Keyblade-- As a counterbalance to the power absorbed when Roxas awakens.
Day 193: Xion, having been defeated by Heartless and gone to sleep, wakes up, then during a mission collapses, but soon gets up again.-- While she was asleep Sora's memories continued to flow into Roxas. Due to the memories being reconnected.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#17
Day 297: Roxas faints-- A result of going to Castle Oblivion, where Sora is sleeping, and getting too close to his "true form".

Why does Xion become able to use the Keyblade again on day 96?

This was less due to her doing missions together with Roxas every day, and more due to using his Keyblade. She was able to once again copy his power. At this moment, the two of them were perfectly in balance.

Xion is in a similar position to the Riku Replica of Chain of Memories, but unlike him, she is unaware that she was artificially created, and the path she finally chooses is completely different.

The Riku Replica was modelled on Riku. With Xion, she becomes like the Kairi of Sora's memories. But rather than saying she was initially created to imitate something, it's more like she was a special case, born primarily to absorb Roxas' powers and evolve. It was intended right from the beginning of development that Xion and Roxas would eventually fight, but we had wondered about how to depict the conflict with Xion that would lead to this. At first I came up with the plot that would go like that of the Riku Replica, where Xion would insist that she was the real person and fight with Roxas. But many of the staff were of the opinion that Xion should stay as a nice girl, so when we were changing the scenario I rewrote it into its current form.

On day 356, after Axel brought Xion back, Xemnas took her away. Did something happen to her that caused her to attack Roxas the next day?

No, because of what she had learned, she already knew what Xemnas expected of her. But because she had no choice but to go along with his plans, she knew she had no choice but to be defeated by Roxas. The reason why Xemnas took her away was so that he could give her a more powerful “body”.

On day 322 Saix says, “In a few days the three machines will be in operation.” Was he talking about the machines that appear in the fight with Xion?

Yes. They used them to absorb the memories from the places Sora had visited. These memories were sent to the “body” that Xemnas gave Xion, and amplified her power.

The last thing that Xion asked Roxas was to “Set free Kingdom Hearts.” Was this due to Sora and Kairi’s memories?

Yes. At Xion’s core are Sora’s memories. And so what he felt, that the world’s order should be maintained, she also felt. But Sora doesn’t know anything about the Organization’s plans yet, so strictly speaking this is not exactly Sora’s feelings. The hearts freed from Heartless must return to where they came from, but if they are captured by the Organization they will not return to the body they are supposed to, so it is the same as if the Heartless took them. And that is what we saw in Kingdom Hearts II. Xion knew this, but she didn’t have time to explain it to Roxas.

When Roxas tries to do what Xion has asked of him, Riku hears Xion’s voice asking him to stop Roxas. Why?

We have to look at things in order. First, the reason why Roxas throws a keyblade to Riku, and we then see a vision of Xion, is that there is a small remaining part of Xion in Roxas that wants to stop him, and makes him take those actions. The name of the keyblade that is given to Riku suggests that it has something to do with Xion. Xion wants Roxas to set Kingdom Hearts free, but doesn’t want him to face Xemnas right now. She sees that he would most likely lose. So she begs Riku to stop him.
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#18

She also had asked Axel to protect Roxas. What was her aim in doing that?

Even though in the end both of their fates was to return Sora’s memories and disappear forever, on day 356 she said to Namine “I think things will soon be difficult for Roxas.” Until that time came, she wanted Axel to protect him from Xemnas.

Namine tells Riku that in order for Sora’s memories to be restored, both Sora’s Nobody and Xion must no longer exist. So he takes it on himself to defeat them, but when he and Roxas fought, was that the first time he had realized that Roxas was that Nobody?

Riku only realizes it when Roxas takes off his hood and he can see his face, and he responds to his call. Until then he only half believed. When he first met Xion, he didn’t think that she was Sora or Kairi’s Nobody, and it was the same with Roxas. When he first saw Roxas, he had no proof of who he was. So that’s why he lost to Roxas, he was surprised at him using a real keyblade rather than an imitation like Xion's, and he called out to him. Part of Riku didn’t really want to believe that his best friend really had a Nobody.

So at the start of the Replica Project they didn’t have plans to get rid of Roxas?

That's right. Originally the plan was to keep their power in balance. If it had been maintained, there would have been no need to get rid of one of them. But in the end Xion began absorbing too much power, and so they no longer needed Roxas. Xemnas had nothing to do with the plan, however, and only the people below him were concerned with it. Xemnas only cared that Kingdom Hearts be completed. Originally the Castle Oblivion plan was to use both Roxas and Sora, but since that changed it would be equally convenient to wait until Sora woke up in Kingdom Hearts II and use him then.

In the end Roxas is able use two keyblades. Is this because he now has Xion’s?

Well, it isn’t that Roxas has physically inherited Xion’s keyblade, but more that Xion has awakened it within Roxas. In the KH series there are a lot of complex reasons why someone can use a keyblade, but basically you need a “heart” to be able to wield one. So strictly speaking, they are being influenced by Sora. At the present I can’t say more than that, since it would go into whether or not Roxas has a heart. And there is also a part that has to do with Xehanort’s memories. This time there were connections to the Kingdom Hearts I secret movie, and the time will come when this will have a clear connection as well. You’ll just have to ask me then.


How did you think of Vanitas’ name?

I wanted to give him a name that meant “empty”, and so I looked for something that would be appropriate. When I was searching I found a word that meant “emptiness” in Latin, “vanitas”. It looked a lot like Ventus’s name, and in Japanese it has the kanji for “sora” in it, so I thought it was perfect. Of course in Vanitas’s case it doesn’t mean “sora [sky]” but “kara [empty]”

Master Eraqus' name is an anagram of Square right?

Yes, but I didn't really think very hard on that name. Actually I gave him that name while writing the original plot, but when I read through it later I couldn't remember what it was supposed to mean. I asked around, but no one knew. Finally the producer realized that it was supposed to be an anagram for Square and I thought "Oh yeah!" (laugh).
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User Info: Drizzy_Drizake

1 year ago#19

How did you decide on the design for their faces?

Well Terra’s look was already a decided thing, we just had to make him look a bit younger. I knew that Ventus should look either like Sora or Roxas, and I wasn’t sure which one to go with, but I thought Vanitas looking like Sora would have a bigger impact so I had Ventus look like Roxas instead. And there is a reason that Vanitas looks like Sora. As Sora filled in Ventus’ fractured heart, the fractured part (Vanitas) was affected by Sora and ended up with Sora’s face. So if it had been Riku who had filled in Ventus’ heart, Vanitas would have looked like Riku.

There was a new enemy this time called the Unversed, how did you think them up?

Since they couldn’t be around during KH, we needed to have an enemy that could no longer exist during that time. So we connected them to Vanitas, so that when he disappeared they will have disappeared as well. Their design concept was “emotions”, so we see them with smiling faces, angry faces, crying faces... they were designed with many different expressions. The Unversed mark is also meant to be a heart that expresses emotions.

There are a few worlds that we have seen before.

Olympus Coliseum has been in every game so far, but since this time we would be able to talk about characters pasts we really wanted to have it in. In the original movie there are scenes that show young Hercules growing up, and we really wanted to show that, so we had them go to Olympus Coliseum.

Zack appears at the Coliseum, but was there a reason why he is the only FF character this time around?

We wanted to have Cid and the gang in Radiant Garden, but that would have made the story go too far off track. The main story of BbS is complicated enough as it is, so instead of making a lot of side roads, we concentrated on the main story. Which resulted in having no other FF character but Zack make an appearance. The reason we chose him was, as this is a story set in the past of the first game, we wanted to have a character from the past of an FF game. As Zack was a character from the past in FFVII, he fit the role just perfectly. There were other characters we wanted to show, but since they’ll be appearing in a different game we didn’t put them in this one. As it isn’t a game we’ve announced yet, I can’t tell you who it is (laugh).

The KH series always has a secret movie at the end, but this time there was a secret event called “Blank Points”. Does the name express the empty parts of the story?

It does have that meaning, but usually I give the secret movie a title that reflects the meaning of the movie. For example, the KH secret movie was “Another side, Another story”, and that was about Roxas. An of course the KHII FM secret movie was “Birth by Sleep”. But this time, “Blank Points” isn’t necessarily the title. Even though the meaning fits.

In the secret event Xehanort says “The heart that resides within Terra’s heart.” Who’s heart is it?

I can’t say just yet, but I’ve set it so that you’ll know who it is. Listen to Xehanort’s words closely, and read his reports carefully. I think you’ll know who it is then.

Ansem the Wise says to Aqua “Everything is born from sleep.” What does this mean?

In that scene the ones who are calling for “Sora” are the ones who have already disappeared from the world. But in the world of KH there is no concept of death, that for example they are just sleeping within Sora’s heart. If you can just wake them up, they’ll be able to return to the world, they would be “born from sleep”.
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In that case, do the characters we see in that scene have a chance of returning?

Yes. The data that Ansem has hidden within Sora is the secret to that revival. When Ansem had become DiZ, and studied the heart and emotions, the results he found he hid within Sora. There are a lot of people who thought that Coded was about finding those results, but that’s not true. The ending of Coded was about finding out that DiZ had done something to Sora, as Namine said, finding out about the data that Ansem hid. What that data is will be revealed in the next game. Two more games aside from KHIII are in the works

Considering the conversation between Sora and Ventus in the ending of the Last Episode, is this saying that the "just-born heart" that Ventus connects with in the opening is Sora's?

Yes. At first we supposed that it could be Sora before he was born, but because of opinions from overseas that "the heart doesn't exist until after birth", we discarded that portrayal.

Ventus awakens with Sora's help, but at first his eyes are blank, and when he first meets Terra and Aqua he falls asleep under their barrage of questions.

At that time, although Ventus has awakened, his heart is not fully formed. The imagery is the same as the first week after Roxas entered the organization in "KH Days", when he was spacing out.

This time we saw a "rite of succession" is that a required condition for becoming a Keyblade user?

That's essentially correct. In terms of the rite itself, the successee* just has to make the successor grasp their Keyblade - if this rite is performed by a Keyblade Master, and if they have suitable power, the Keyblade will choose that person as a Keyblade user, and appear before them. Terra, Ventus, all have passed this rite. Sora is the only exception.

The Keyblade succession can only be performed by a Keyblade Master, but we see Terra performing this rite with Riku - does this mean we can consider Terra a Keyblade Master?

No. Terra was not awarded that title by his Master Eraqus, so no matter how Master Xehanort flatters him he is not a Keyblade Master. But that's just a matter of whether or not he's achieved the official title. Even Eraqus recognised that Terra possessed suitable power to be a Master, which is why he was able to perform the rite for Riku.

In Aqua's chapter, on the Destiny Islands, was Aqua originally intending to perform the Keyblade rite for Sora or Riku?

Yes. When Aqua met Sora and Riku, she was on the point of realizing that she may end up having to fight Terra. At that point she was going to perform the rite of succession for Sora, but realized that Terra had already performed the rite for Riku. Not wanting Sora and Riku to end up fighting like she and Terra in the future, she didn't perform the rite for Sora. This is the meaning behind her murmurs that "One must not get too close to a chosen one," and "I must not make them walk the same path." When she tells Sora he must save Riku if he ends up walking the wrong path, she's projecting her own thoughts onto Sora.

By the time of "KHI", have Sora, Riku and Kairi forgotten about Terra and Aqua?

That's right. In "KHI" Kairi herself says that she's lost all her previous memories, that she "doesn't remember anything before coming to the Destiny Islands", and it would be pretty easy for Sora to forget. After all, I think for a child of 4 or 5 years old to remember a person they met only once and exchanged just a few words with would be quite unnatural.
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