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User Info: YungLeviathan

8 months ago#1
Please stop this faux gatekeeping vitriol towards the majority of the KH fandom that only care about the gameplay and the Disney worlds.

Stuff like; “Oh you don’t already know everything about this series that is unanimously known for its boring generic anime characters and inaccessible weaboo storytelling that even people who have played every single entry don’t understand? Well then, you don’t deserve to play Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Not only is it frankly incompetent that, as fans of the series, you’d want the game to sell LESS (which is extremely bizarre...), but it also doesn’t help the cringey stereotype that Kingdom Hearts fans have been accustomed to.

We get it.

You post memes like “LOL pEOple wHo HAve ONLy plaYEd KH1 and KH2 goING inTo KH3 BE liKe *insert GIF of a confused expression*” to try and validate the inordinate time you have spent engaging with all the of miscellaneous ancillary content that no one else has, but you have to realise that people actually WANT to be confused.

People that haven’t played the sideline games have no intention of trying to understand the story. No one cares about Kingdom Hearts’ story. We’re here for the awesome gameplay and Disney interactions.

So stop the cringey memes. They’re never going to bang as many Retweets or Views as ProZD literally s***ting on y’all lmfao.


Even Nomura himself has finally realised this. That’s why the marketing for KH3 has been predominantly catered toward Disney fans.

So when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, the last thing you want to do is complain about its story (if it actually does turn out to be bad, like every other entry in the series). You’d look silly. Really silly.

I can already tell this is going to be another FFXV situation where the game is amazing but because the story fell short, it’ll have the vocal minority trying to bring the entire game down again smh...

User Info: BusterBlue

8 months ago#2
Calm down, it’s a video game
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User Info: XianRemigius

8 months ago#3
OK I believe you

User Info: JohnUchihaLee

8 months ago#4
Looks like someone got bored.
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User Info: Sword_of_Dusk

8 months ago#5
So, what are we on? Unnecessary topic #5,248?
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User Info: Frost00

8 months ago#6
Imagine unironically making this post
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User Info: LeafOnTheWind42

8 months ago#7
I thought we got rid of you
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User Info: goodJT

8 months ago#8
YungLeviathan posted...
You’d look silly. Really silly.

You're looking just as silly with this post.
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User Info: Duey

8 months ago#9

User Info: jadenchandler

8 months ago#10
Im glad someone finally said it. Prob not the best place to say it tho as this is literally the most delusional elitist games board ever but still
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  3. To the very small minority that actually care about Kingdom Hearts' story:
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