I hope this game does not 'out' me like the second did...

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User Info: GabranthXIV

8 months ago#1
My parents bought me the original Kingdom Hearts game when it first came out. We sat in the living room together and each evening after school I'd play it for an hour or two. They enjoyed watching me play and it served as valuable bonding time with my dad.

He used to watch me play other games too. All was going well until Kingdom Hearts II entered the scene. I returned home from school one day to a grinning father, telling me he had a surprise for me. I opened a box and KH2 was there! Neat, I thought - back then, I didn't really keep track of release dates and what not so when it was completely unexpected.

We fired it up and everything went as it did the first time around. My father watched me play.

Then it happened. Atlantica. Unlike the first time around, it wasn't an area to explore and fight in. It was a place to have Sora, Ariel and friends dance and sing. I instinctively moved to the rhythm and sang along...but my father was furious.

He stormed to the PS2 and switched it off, outraged. He stared me in the eyes and asked why I was playing a 'girl's game'. I defended it, saying it was a fun scene...and then it escalated. He called me names, asked me about my sexuality...and in my fear, I confessed.

He stormed out not long after. I haven't seen my father in years, now. My mother has supported me, though I'm terrified about Kingdom Hearts III. I want to get it, though I don't want people to suffer a similar experience to what I did. They better not have any musical zones.

User Info: Enclave

8 months ago#2
Uh huh.
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User Info: Moongeist

8 months ago#3
Enclave posted...
Uh huh.
\ ' ^ ' /

User Info: ATfire567

8 months ago#4
Fan of the "Arch-Enemy" trope

User Info: Bloodshed113094

8 months ago#5
If he can't accept you for who you are, I can't imagine you would have ever really gotten along once you were adults. I can't imagine this is a singular incident, but I also don't see it being something that wouldn't have happened anyways. I feel like your pushing blame from your father onto the game.

I agree on no musical sections, but that's because they always suck.
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User Info: ecylis

8 months ago#6

User Info: cess

8 months ago#7
Congrats, you single handedly ruined your parents marriage.

User Info: Zurriah

8 months ago#8
I would have believed this tale but I can't buy for a second that your father stormed out of the house and never looked back because of a video game. Or rather, because a video game outed your sexuality. Yes, some parents are horrible and they kick their kids out or send them to be with relatives, but to just walk out without a word and without possessions or an argument with is wife and to never come back...no.

User Info: KajeI

8 months ago#9
cess posted...
Congrats, you single handedly ruined your parents marriage.

You won the topic.
Look, i can name a few instances in MY life where i tried to reach mutual understanding
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User Info: kinode

8 months ago#10
Eh, I kinda relate
I mean, it's no surprise to my parents that I'm gay NOW, but I can see my dad acting like that a few years ago if he saw me playing KH2. I'm not really worried about it nowadays though, I've disappointed him too much already for it to be a surprise lmao
He still jokes around about The Mickey Mouse game anyway I guess, but that's just annoying, not something awful like this.
This might be kind of a troll topic, but knowing the world we live in, I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't...
SENA will actually start a keyblade war at this point
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  3. I hope this game does not 'out' me like the second did...

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