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  3. Finally booted this game up. Oh my GOD I love it.

User Info: Hoid

5 years ago#1
Just beat the spine. Seemed awesome at the start and played to see what was going to happen next.

Then you unlock an arsenal of Functions that mix and match with each other to create totally different loadouts and the COMBAT draws you in.

Holy COW beating The Spine with my experimental Function configuration was f***ing AWESOME!!!

Here was my WEIRD loadout!!!


/Help (Spark+Crash)
/Ping (Jaunt)
/Mask (Breach)
Passive: Bounce ()

This setup is GOD MODE.

Help will spawn 2 Friend dogs with Barks that stun enemies. The Barks are 25% weaker, but...

You can command then in Turn mode! Press R2, tap R1 and they each have their own Turn Bars! You can move each one and Stun Bark Twice. THEN you move Red with her own bar fresh! Each bark stuns and does about 60 damage. 60×4 is free 240 damage every time you use Turn mode and it STUNS!

Load is there to set up bombs for damage. The Friend dogs will bark to set them off automatically for you!

Ping is there for an on call reliable ranged attack, and with Jaunt attached you can fire it in Recovery mode letting you spam Turn mode but not leaving you gimp ed while your bar recharges.

Mask powered up with Breach is true, TRUE God mode. This will make you invisible for 13 (THIRTEEN SECONDS). The kicker? You can use Turn mode to command your pets WITHOUT BREAKING STEALTH.

You can literally just chill in safety letting your bar recharge invisible. And then command your Friends to stunlock all the enemies to death.

And Bounce Triggers a shield every 5 seconds that takes 1 free hit for you.

"wherewolves are prone to getting lost. wherewolf? therewolf. damn. that aside, the shedding is terrifying. Hoid knows." - Melekaliki

User Info: JolosGhost

5 years ago#2
That's a good setup!

Thing is, (not to diminish your success) almost every loadout is functional. That's what's so amazing about it. Every support Function() is different depending on both the core ability and the support ability.

They took the time to balance every combination in one way or another. It's brilliant.
"Sister Ray [...] fired a beam of concentrated dead-people-energy at the speed of murder, and is fully capable of liquefying anything."~panzar dragoon
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  3. Finally booted this game up. Oh my GOD I love it.
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