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User Info: Rjmhart

4 years ago#1
I paid $20 for the game and wanted to see it through to the end. I loved the setting/atmosphere but did find the menus confusing. Once I unlocked more I started playing around with various setups and saw how much flexibility there is.

Since the game went up for free I've seen a bunch of topics about it not living up to the hype, people not getting what's great, etc. When you get the game for free you're less invested and Transistor is a game that needs to be played till the end to really appreciate everything the game has to offer.

Anyone agree?
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User Info: cowens89

4 years ago#2
I shouldn't have to pay for a game to be considered good

User Info: Rjmhart

4 years ago#3
cowens89 posted...
I shouldn't have to pay for a game to be considered good

So you enjoyed it then. Great news!
Vita + PS4 is a great combo

User Info: the_creepshow

4 years ago#4
Personally, I'd not heard of Transistor before and I did only d/l because it was free. The game was brilliant, I could have paid $40 for it though and I wouldn't have been disappointed.
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User Info: JolosGhost

4 years ago#5
I Platted this in 2 days.

This may be the best PS4 game I've played.

It's short, immaculately balanced, meticulously told, and impeccably woven together. The art, story, music, narrative, gameplay, it's all brilliant.

This is the Chrono Trigger of current-gen. I s*** you not.
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User Info: RyanJMcD

4 years ago#6
If someone complains about the game when it's free they'd still complain if it costs money.
Either you like it or you don't. (though I don't see why you wouldn't).

Great story, emotional attachment, and character relation can get you invested in a game. Not the price.
Who has ever said "I am sure glad I paid 40 bucks for this game, otherwise, I'd hate it"?

I've been looking at getting this game for a while now, so I was really excited when it showed up as a free game. Glad they put it on +, or I wouldn't have been able to hold out much longer.
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User Info: everyglenn17

4 years ago#7
Yeah I'd been eyeing it for awhile too. Glad it was free. I've only played a couple hours, but it's great so far.
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User Info: JoeBuck80

4 years ago#8
JolosGhost posted...

This is the Chrono Trigger of current-gen. I s*** you not.

I mean I just...I can't even...
...just wow.
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User Info: IFDragon

4 years ago#9
i got it free on PS+ last week

i checked the games the tuesday they changed and after the little clips they show i wasnt real interested

got it last week and started playing it friday, really enjoying the gameplay already on NG+ not sure what to think of the ending tho
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User Info: Lvl9999Prinny

4 years ago#10
So, people that wern't already invested before starting arn't thrilled? The Horror

It seems interesting so far, just never paid because I had a feeling they would ps+ it.

The Chrono Trigger of this gen? There's no Chrono Trigger of any gen but 16 bit. Please don't put CT down to this gen's level.
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