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User Info: Tushy2010

4 years ago#1
That waits for this kinda game to come to PS PLUS for free, actually I spend more on these kinda games (Octodad, Steamworld Dig, Rogue Legacy and MANY more) then I do AAA titles. This one I slept on partly because it was 30 dollars and I had so much to play already. Well boy did I make a mistake, I wish I had have purchased this day one. Absolutely amazing, maybe my fav PS4 game so far right up there with Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy

User Info: flaremmm

4 years ago#2
THIEF is pretty underrated too i reckon.
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User Info: bmouse6

4 years ago#3
Here we go again. Ok, I'll bite. Could you please explain, what is it, that makes this game so absolutely amazing?

As I mentioned in another topic, the game has good atmosphere and a great soundtrack. The story is confusing, the gameplay is dull. Yes, you can make various skill (function) combinations, that offers some variety. Active mode battle - try not to get hit, blast everything with your functions, rinse and repeat. Turn battle mode - run behind enemies, backstab for maximum damage, rinse and repeat.

Now, I might have been too harsh on the game, but I do not get the hype. At the end of the day its just a little indie game, thats it.
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User Info: flaremmm

4 years ago#4
Its a pretty unique setup(functions and combinations leave you with a lot of different ways to test things) - if you find it too easy, then that's probably why some people like it and you don't.

The story is confusing enough to pique my interest - and want to work it out; I guess that was a miss for you too?
"Sephiroth, Have you Lost weight?"

User Info: bmouse6

4 years ago#5
I suppose the story started out a little bit too confusing to get me interested straight away, perhaps it will sink in later.

The function variations are interesting at first, but somehow, I can't help but compare them to switching the firing mode on an assault rifle from automatic to 3 shot burst to single shot. Its still the same rifle with the same ammunition and it doesn't matter which firing mode you use - it will get the job done sooner or later.

Anyway, I meant no disrespect to the developers, and I did not say it is a badly designed game. It just seems to me that it is a bit too overrated and overhyped for a small indie game, and hearing it being praised everywhere as extraordinary makes me wonder if: "once I was blind, now I can see..."
PSN: bmouse

User Info: Dark Link 0

Dark Link 0
4 years ago#6
yeah I don't really get what the big deal is about this game

the combat system is an interesting idea, but the execution is bland

the worst part though is the terrible menu system, it's hard to tell what is equipped to what and then going through and changing things through all the clutter is far too cumbersome

in a game about customization, menus should be seamless, this alone really takes the game down

User Info: Rjmhart

4 years ago#7
The story and combat system don't come together until very late in the game IMO. Say 2/3 to 3/4.

The ending leaves the game open to interpretation. To really get the most mileage out of the story it helps to read the background info of the functions. MINOR SPOILER I guess Remember the functions are the essence of people that died. You can read the backgrounds of the people by going into each function individually.

Transistor's biggest problem IMO is that you won't develop a true appreciation for the combat system until you have lots of Memory (ability to equip more functions). Then you can start to work in strategies, like summoning the dog at the beginning of battle. You can switch back and forth between controlling the dog and Red during the Plan/ time stopped stage.

With more Memory you can choose what attributes to add to your abilities, like expanding the range, damage, etc, as well as having access to more passives like shortening how long it takes for the bar to fill up again so you can enter Plan again. I was into my 2nd play through when I realized how flexible the setups are.
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User Info: r3s1d3nt3v1l_2

4 years ago#8
The upgrading threw me off and i had to turn it off it gave me an overwhelming feeling that made it feel like a chore, maybe i should restart the game

User Info: AldoMito

4 years ago#9
I think you guys are really underestimating the effect that artistic direction and style can have on the impression a game leaves. A huge part of the reason I like playing this game as much as I do is because I love the music; the fact that the environments and animations are just awesome to look at is simply icing on the cake.

I will concede that the battle system is mostly meh. The challenges were fun, but the battles throughout the campaign weren't so much. Then again, maybe increasing the difficulty and tweaking skills more would fix that, I dunno.

User Info: SSJPabs

4 years ago#10
The story itself was decent IMO (presented very well though) but the setting is what made it really interesting. The way the city functions and how the story ties into how their society operates. But then, even in fantasy stories I'm fascinated by how administration and society work. I really enjoyed the combat, especially toward late game. Menus were unintuitive. I got a crush on ALB.

I did hate the ending though.
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