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User Info: Mannzis

5 years ago#11
As many people have said, I found this game to be great, with the exception of the storyline. I'm not one to shy away from games/movies/shows that leave things up to interpretation, however this game left a bit too much up for interpretation, in a way that made it hard to engage in. Everything else, was top notch, however. I know I will be playing whatever game the devs make next, because, despite it's shortcomings, the quality of the game is great.
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User Info: Yazuka

5 years ago#12
It's pretty okay so far. Really not seeing or feeling the hype for this game.

User Info: vertigobleak

5 years ago#13
Nayiko posted...
I've wanted this game for a long time now but didn't want to pay $20 for it. So glad it's free this month.

Same here man. This game is fantastic.

User Info: DustyPhantom

5 years ago#14
I rarely post about a game till I beat it, especially indies, but wow this game is great. I started and got about an hour and a half in and stopped, so when I wanted to play again I had to restart. The only reason I'm not beating it right now, is I got dragged out against my will and I still don't wanna do anything other than cruise the net for more info about it.
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User Info: Westernwolf4

5 years ago#15
I have had PS plus for two years, and this is the first time I bought a game right before it went on plus. I started it the day before the plus announcement.

I expected to be bitter about that, but after playing through twice (includong NG plus), I am glad Super Giant Games has my money. Their games are worthy of support (Bastion was great too).

Transistor has fantastic art design, an engaging combat system and a story that gets you invested in the fate of the protagonists (there are some gaps, but there is emough there to care about what happens to Red and her companion).

Overall a faantastic game, well worth a few hours and $20.
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