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User Info: divine_hyoga

1 year ago#1
I love the game, any news on sequel? Thanks!

User Info: Just_a_loser

1 year ago#2
If it does happen, it probably won't happen for a while.

The first Mirror's Edge was always a bit of a cult classic, and was never a big name by any means. Also, it took us 8 years to get Catalyst after the original was released, which is a pretty big time gap. Also, I don't believe that this one was as well received by critics.

I'm not saying it can't or won't happen, just that it will more than likely take some time.
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User Info: xenosaga123

1 year ago#3
the thing is, the IP was lucky to get a 2nd game in the first place!!!!!!

the first game was interesting for its time, but I didn't like it much and felt the parkour focus is holding it back.

but Mirror's Edge Catalyst is at least 2 times superior and more replayable (though that's not saying much considering they could have done more for the final battle, and the writing is nothing to brag about. but I don't play these games for story anyways. and they could have done more for the enemies to keep them interesting instead of mostly treated like wet noodles)

I know people will disagree but I feel this IP would be better as a next gen free roaming beat em up series instead of a parkour focused series. you know like a next gen AAA River City Ransom with Mirror's Edge art direction and full 3D world.

it can still have parkour, but the genre in itself is not marketable enough, parkour should be a mechanic and a means to get around , but not the focus. Catalyst's martial arts combat has tons of potential, 10x better than the first game's combat, and doesn't resort to using guns.

but the thing is, there's too much emphasis on "peaceful" activities, that it doesn't keep things interesting. the theme is still too pacifist to be something enticing for more to play it.

also I feel they should expand upon the protagonist side of things. Faith can still be there, but they should add character creation so the game can be appealing to wider demographics.
the more limiting a game is with its playable character selection, the less appealing it is to players.

this is what happened to Beyond Good & Evil too. those not ok with Jade as the player character, skipped the game altogether. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Skyrim sure wouldn't be as popular if there was just one premade to play as.

also multiplayer has proven to make games last longer. I know it's hard to both have open city and multiplayer at the sametime without affecting graphics, framerate, etc. but they could still keep it single player somewhat, and have a cooperative component that has a lot of teamwork incentives.

yea I know beat em ups are also tough to market compared to shooters and hack n slash, however, it can be done if they do it right.

as is, the Mirror's Edge series formula is still somewhat empty and boring to the average gamer.
it lacks the persistent action of a beat em up, and the camraderie of multiplayer.

the series having underwhelming sales twice, goes to show that a parkour focused game is really not in demand and cannot prosper .

if they invent a full 3D free roaming, cooperative beat em up done right, they can revitalize the beat em up and make Mirror's Edge go mainstream, though at this point, I think they would have to give it a new title entirely, because the Mirror's Edge reputation and expectations are already there,

so it HAS TO be titled something else in order to make RADICAL CHANGES to the genre AND formula for the greater good.

Faith can still be included in the new IP as an optional playable character, but anyways, EA is not smart enough to do it right anyways,
they dont have the right people in charge.
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