Free legends and paragoning

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User Info: gene5e5

4 years ago#1

My GT is Gene5e5.

I run act 3 on M5 almost every evening, usually solo, and rarely need any of the legendary drops I get. Some are decent, some are horrid, and I have quite a few set pieces most people would use but I don't. (Chantido's, tal's, etc)

If you'd like to come run some keeps, etc. I'd love the company, or if you'd just like to show me your gear and I'll see if I have anything of an upgrade for you, just catch me online sometime. I rarely play on weekends though.

User Info: SmokeMassTree

4 years ago#2
Add smokemasstree I'll run it with you.
A.K. 2/14/10 T.C.P.

User Info: nilla151

4 years ago#3
Can hit me up Nilla151 I'm usually playing
3DS friend code-3909-7725-4228

User Info: gangoplush

4 years ago#4
My gamertag is Deeeeeeeeeeek. That's 11 e's. I'm assuming you don't use modded items by your post so I'll gladly play. It's so hard to find a game without people using modded stuff.

User Info: gene5e5

4 years ago#5
I neither use nor condone the use of modded items, and frankly think the game is a waste of time for those that use them.

That being said, if I drop legendaries for people, they are not modded, nor are the gems I give away. I just pick up all the gems that drop for me, or try to anyway.

I don't pick up yellows or purples anymore... there's no point :|

My GT again is Gene5e5 if you guys are looking for friends to play with. I have a mic, and prefer that others do too, makes the time go by :D

User Info: sdotbk1

4 years ago#6
I'm down to play gt in sig

User Info: IsaacPyromancer

4 years ago#7
My Gamertag is DarkLordofPants. Trying to get the popular sets for my group of friends. Dunno how much help my monk would be, but I'd be happy to try and help.
GT= DarkLordofPants

User Info: pweidman

4 years ago#8
Sounds good, need more friends who play legit.

I need to delete some old friends off my list I think.

Add me if you have room.

User Info: J1Z034

4 years ago#9
Bout how late are we talking? I'm only able to get on around midnight PST. If you're on that late, please, send me an invite/request. GT in signature, my username, and right here: J1Z034
PSN & XBL Tag - J1Z034

User Info: bigmanuel

4 years ago#10
Down gt in sig
(GT/PSN-Hazardiz1 ). I was wondering what would break first.... Your mind..... or your body...-Bane
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