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User Info: iTz_SLammi

7 years ago#1
Im guessing no, but if youre on xbox can you play d3 with your friends on PC?
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User Info: DeadlyPurpose18

7 years ago#2
You guessed correctly. The answer is no.
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User Info: Speasey

7 years ago#3
I'm actually super glad about this, playing with/against pc players would be unfair for everyone, considering no one has/uses keyboard/mouse on console. It was awful playing with ps2 players in ffxi, and im sure the hated being unable to keep up. Not to mention the economy would already be screwed and everyone around you would be max lever
GT: Spease

User Info: CapnStanky

7 years ago#4
Nephilim Glory isn't on PC. Monster Power settings are also different as is enemy density. So it would be impossible. PS3x360 would be more probable but that's not going to happen either,
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