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User Info: VenDredd

2 months ago#1
So I finished the game, did The Descent and Hakkon late but not post game(late teens for Descent, early 20's for Hakkon). Just finished Trespasser dlc, noticed mid-way that the weapons and armor are worse in Trespasser than from the other 2. Anyone know why?

User Info: pprincess

2 months ago#2
The weapons and armor are really just kinda a fun lul, like the one-handed sword that applies Bees. The armor The Taken Shape is to trigger an ending conversation, the schematic isn’t bad but you have to wear the actual found armor pieces for the story trigger. If I had to guess, the gear levels are lower to account for players not buying the other DLCs, that is, not requiring the other DLCs and just coming from the base game into Trespasser. Today we have everything bundled into one edition but that wasn’t the case initially.
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