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User Info: poola5788

2 months ago#1

im new to this game and am loving it, I don’t want to go through it too fast and over level. I do want to complete as much of it as I can. By using the slow burn trial am I going to hamper my character too much or as long as I do many side quests I should be ok?

User Info: aniimii

2 months ago#2
by "slow burn trial" you mean the "take it slow" one, right? where you gain half the exp you normally would? if you're a completionist, by all means go for it. there are so many areas, so many sidequests you can do. if you're willing to do most of them, you're gonna reach 27 without even realizing. personally, i like to put this trial once i reach level 20, and even then doing the jaws of hakkon + the descent dlc gives so much exp i reach 23-25 by the end of it.
however, this is also personal preference, but i wouldn't turn this trial on until after i reached Skyhold. the last quest before Skyhold, "In Your Heart Shall Burn" gives me so much trouble, especially on nightmare. i level up to 7 or 8 asap and then do the quest. once you reach Skyhold, you'll be able to unlock SO much more content and area, that's where the fun truly starts.
if you do end up starting IYHSB by level 6/7, make sure to take the Beeeees! and Antivan Fire grenade, they help a lot, especially on higher difficulties.

User Info: pprincess

2 months ago#3
If you are doing all the side content, such as all the things in Hinterlands, you will be overleveled. Feel free to turn on that Trial to slow your leveling down. Turn it on or off anytime, manage it as you see fit.

I am a full completionist Nightmare player, and I use the Trial 100% of the time. In Act 1, I complete nearly everything possible except I only do Fallow Mire up to the second camp and then I do the first Fade Rift. I do everything possible in Storm Coast except the Long River cave. In Forbidden Oasis I do everything except the spider cave and the level 12 rift. Hinterlands I skip the level 12 rifts until Act 2, and I don’t do the Villa or Valammar. I collect all Shards, and do all possible Astrariums. With all of this, I’m still only level 8 or so by the end of Act 1 with Take it Slow turned on. For me, this is perfect for starting the end battles of Act 1. If I didn’t have Take it Slow turned on, I’d be like level 12-13, that’s way too high.
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