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  3. This game is still ridiculously fun and holds up really well.

User Info: Ramvicious

1 month ago#1
I remember playing this on the ps3 and was frustrated with the load times but I recently got the game of the year edition on the ps4 on sale and have since put in a lot of time. I feel like I am making all the wrong choices, dialogue wise and it took me forever to settle on a class but I eventually chose Rift Mage. I am having a blast and am currently trying to finish every side quest I possibly can. This is a huge game though. Anyway, I don't have any friends to talk to about this so I figured i'd blog here. Thanks for listening.
PSN: Ramvicious

User Info: Raze_da_Kitsune

1 month ago#2
Glad you’re enjoying it man. Back when the game was fresh I sunk like 500 hours into it. No s***, my last two playthroughs were each well over 110 hours. It’s a fantastic game.
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User Info: Ramvicious

1 month ago#3
Yeah, I don't see my getting bored of it any time soon. The most tedious thing for me so far has been getting all the shards, but I'm a completionist so I feel compelled to do so. I also don't know how to build cole as a double dagger assassin but I want to use him in my party but he is the primary source of my potions disappearing so far.
PSN: Ramvicious

User Info: I4NRulez

1 month ago#4
Eh, the story holds up way better than the combat.

I was never a fan of the MMO style combat they had.
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User Info: TheChrisRichter

1 month ago#5
The stealth tree or whatever it's called keeps my Cole alive. Or usually give him a bow and keep him back.
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User Info: Ramvicious

1 month ago#6
I think I am going to start over and make a rogue inquisitor. I wanna try out artificer and don't really care for Varric, plus I don't mind Solas so he can be my RIft Mage. Now to get back to Skyhold.
PSN: Ramvicious

User Info: Inxentas

1 month ago#7
I couldn't get into it. The constant need to grind out Power to play the Story missions with fetch- and killquests just had me chase those markers non-stop. It's one of those games where I start out reading every page of every lorebook, which slowly devolves into doing the mechanically least amount of work.
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User Info: farfus

1 month ago#8
I just started, I enjoyed the original a lot and can see the parallels. Atmospheric and it looks like it will be really entertaining, expect it will keep me busy a while.

User Info: Nsus

3 weeks ago#9
I just got done playing all three again. It was fun. I enjoyed the combat the most in da2 story was best in dao but Dai is the best combo of both - When you are ready to turn your life around financially click the link
I enjoyed it enough to play it two times back to back at launch for all the trophies, but haven’t had any desire to pick it up again since.
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  3. This game is still ridiculously fun and holds up really well.