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User Info: Sirgamesal0t

2 months ago#1
First off, my background, if it's too long just look for the next paragraph with TLDR!

I got this game when it first came out and played it for about 110 hours as a gay male qunari reaver (gay because i made him in love with that tivinter mage for some funny reason).

I didnt have the dlc back then or even online connectivity/psn. I got to like the last part of the base game just shortly after coming out of that portal after learning about being the herald of andraste or whatever, i vaguely remember the details. i was side tracked with other games.

Since then i lost that save file and tried replaying, as a female elf mage, about lv18. And again dabbling as a dw dwarf male rogue, only about lv12.

TLDR: Now i have all the dlc, am on the psn, am not interested in that online multiplayer.

I have 3 concerns i want to under go, #1 i want to side with the mages this time, #2 i want the most diverse race interaction from all the dlc, and #3 i kind of want my character to fall for red jenny or whatever her name is.

I was considering either playing a female elf rogue artificer or a male elf mage necromancer.

Maybe considering a dwarf rogue, but not sure which romance options are available. Not particularly confident in dw combat in real time either.

User Info: Destin

2 months ago#2
Red Jenny only likes girls.

your best option is female elf.

dual wield rogue or mage really doesn't matter, just your own playstyle.
Destin the Valiant

User Info: khain37

2 months ago#3
Based on your post you'd need to be a female to romance Sera (as noted above).

Being a mage would make most sense to side with mages but since you already did a female elven mage, I'd recommend testing out a rogue archer...assassin or artificer specialization. If you're not playing on a high difficulty, you could make youself and Sera a pair of elven assassins, her with Dual wield and yourself with range archery.
Main: Tyro (lvl 99) God Wall - FCv2; Alt: Auron USB - Syzo

User Info: AshtonRPG7

1 month ago#4
I spent like two days making dif chars for a nightmare run and ended up playing a 2 handed dwarf, i wasnt expecting it to be successful but it was.

Kinda of cool, im rolling with cassandra sns, vivi spirit/frost and swapping sera and varric for the dps rouge spot.

I play switching around between whoever is rouge and the inquisitor

User Info: Sirgamesal0t

1 month ago#5
Well I'm making a new post for "should i play a second character" because i just beat the game including all dlc as a female dalish elf mage with a married lesbian relationship with sera.

User Info: Ramvicious

1 month ago#6
You did that all in one week? Impressive!
PSN: Ramvicious
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