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User Info: Switchgamer

3 months ago#1
I played this when it first came out, I put around 120hrs into it and enjoyed it. (no dlc)

Now I'm finding myself wanting to play an open world rpg and I've played most of the recent ones (HZD, Skyrim, AC:Odyssey, KCD etc)

and I'm wondering if it's worth buying all the dlc for DAI and playing it again? (obviously it'll take me another 100hrs++ to beat it again and the dlc on top.)

is the dlc good, ie:- is it good enough for me to start from scratch?
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User Info: Redmacabre

3 months ago#2
I personally enjoyed all three DLCs (though some people wish the final boss of the Descent would die in an acid fire).

So if you enjoyed the main game, want another round and are willing to check out the extra areas and story lines, I say go for it.

User Info: Alessar

3 months ago#3
The DLC is very good. Let me break it down a bit for you.

1. Jaws of Hakon - Going to Frostback Basin is like redoing the Hinterlands but at level 20-22 minimum. Very similar art style, you get to deal with friendly Avari people, and you dig up some history on the Inquisition. Nothing really spectacular but solid adventure if you already liked the game. I suppose they thought when they made this DLC people would have blown out of the Hinterlands for so long going back to a zone like it would feel fresh but considering how many alts people typically make it does feel kind of same-old as a zone, unfortunately.

2. The Descent. You've been to the deep roads before but this time you get to fight mysterious dwarf assassins instead of darkspawn after darkspawn. Delve into the mysteries of the ancient ancient ancient dwarves. Has much more of a creepy "journey to the center of the Earth" vibe than your typical deep roads content.

3. Trespasser. This is the actual end of the game. It's the finale, the 2 years later final grand adventure. Answers to questions you didn't know you should ask will be provided. ALSO, buying this DLC adds an alternate upgrade option to every character ability. Once you've bought the upgrade for any ability you can just toggle between the original upgrade and the Trespasser option. It can radically change the play style of some classes too. Some additional items from the expansion are integrated into the base game as well.

Note that Trespasser can only be played after you've beaten the game but the other ones can be played earlier. However they are high level content.

If you have your original save files you could just buy the DLC and play them with your old character (you wouldn't have you know who, of course.) However it could be pretty fun to replay the game with the new Trespasser content added.

I would be really careful about how you buy the DLC too. Recently they've had the game of the year edition on sale so cheap it's better to just rebuy that version of the game (which comes with the dlc) instead of either buying it separately or in a DLC pack. However there's no sales on right now so if you want something this week, the DLC pack is probably best.

User Info: Switchgamer

3 months ago#4

User Info: Oreomadness

3 months ago#5
I am a huge fan of RPGs and this game delivers. The game by itself is worth playing but all the dlcs make it even better. My first play through was a mage/rift mage, second was a warrior/reaver but I gave up and restored then went warrior/templar. My 4th and 5th were archer/assassin but now i'm back at it playing a DW/artificer. By far the most well rounded and absolute powerhouse.

Ive been playing on nightmare for the achievements and turned on most all trials, its pretty tough but I love the challenge. If you want some additional advice though, do a quick playthrough on normal, gather as many schematics as possible, upload them to your nug and then playthrough again on nightmare mode. It's a totally different game, especially with the walk softly trial on. And definitely try artificer, you can DW or use archer, either way, best spec in the game imo

User Info: its_matt

2 months ago#6
Why not try Witcher 3 instead? Should be just as cheap and there is a Game of the year version if you want some good DLC