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User Info: Dondogz

5 months ago#1
Hey guys, returning to this game and have not played any DLC.

Thinking of going with:

Blackwell Tank
MC Archer Assasin
Solas Support/Barriers
Cole Dual Weild DPS

Would this party work very well or am I gimping myself?

Also tips on good abilities or combos?
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User Info: JLazarillo

5 months ago#2
Works pretty well, though I'm not sure how well two Assassins stack. Bear in mind that Solas will not be available to use as a party member during Trespasser, though, so you'll need a different support during that DLC, at least (luckily, all party members scale to the Inquisitor's level, so you can sub just about anyone in and craft 'em some good toys by that point).
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User Info: 2DFighter84

5 months ago#3
Rogue melee can be kinda rough to manage imo. They’re in the fray, so they’ll be taking hits that are meant for your tank. Especially from two handed weapon using badguys. Ai doesn’t really dodge stuff... Melee rogues steal my potions more than anyone else if they aren’t set up right.

If you’ve got a party that’s balanced right, it can be much easier to prevent a lot of the damage melee rogues take t the face.

Imo, if you wanna up your survivability, go into the sabotage tree and get Lost in the Mist. I normally try to keep some combination of two types of damage prevention in my party (barrier, stacks of elusive, or guard). If one of your rogues is using Lost in the mist for those stacks of elusive for your party, then either your mage doesn’t need to spec barrier, OR your warrior doesn’t need to spec bodyguard/horn of valor.

Just my opinion, I’d spec;

Blackwall - left side of the Vanguard tree. From War Cry, to Livid/Still Standing. Then max out his Champion tree and take him halfway into either sword and board, or Two-hander tree (doesn’t matter which).

Cole - Left half of Sabotage tree. From Leeching Poison to Lost in the Mist (including It beats Walking). Then grab a bunch of damage from the Double Daggers Tree.

Solas - max out Rift Mage and Spirit trees. Then pick a damage element and go with it.

For yourself, do what you want. Your damage prevention is covered by Cole and Solas. And Blackwall is a great tank. So you can focus on maximizing damage output however you want. That’s how I’d do it, I think.
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User Info: daveynopenope

5 months ago#4
I always do two mages for any serious playthrough. Double the dispel for rifts (dispel demons being summoned). Double the dispel for mage barriers.

Double the barriers. You can attack with 2 elements. Magic deals more than physical attacks. Every mage spec other than necromancy offers benefits towards party syncronization. Solas (veil) being the best for debuffing enemies, but I prefer vivian (knight enchanter) for the small amount of extra barrier she provides.

Alternatively, two tempest is great. But a bit overkill, considering one tempest with the right set-up can take half a nightmare level 20s dragon's hp with their focus ability
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User Info: daveynopenope

5 months ago#5
Dual daggers is only ever good for mc. They take quite a bit of control and micromanaging. As do most rogues in most games. While mages can require micromanaging, once you reach a level of power, their support function isn't as demanded. The ai for mages can do it's thing without your help.
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User Info: Kazadora2099

5 months ago#6
For my Nightmare run which will include the DLC will be:

Blackwall - Tank Vanguard/Champion
Inquisitor - Archer Artificer (extremely OP and a tier 3 focus special can down dragons in 5 seconds)
Vivienne - Barrier/Knight Enchanter
Cassandra - Off Tank - S/S/Templar

Cassandra will be the only character I may swap out for either an extra range Archer like Sera or even Varric (another Artificer), I personally hate Solas so never use him, Dorian is good as well for the Necromancer tree. So far it's worked great with very, very little deaths or even potion consumption. I've just finished the Empress part of the story and only switched out characters for their specific quests so far tbh.
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User Info: Mr Penguin 007

Mr Penguin 007
5 months ago#7
On my Nightmare playthrough I was an Arcane Warrior (Knight Enchanter) and my team was irrelevant as long as I had a second Barrier Mage. I used whoever I liked as people.

Then again I have one beastly staff:
162 DPS
75 Electricity Damage
+25 Spirit Damage
+10% Attack
+50% Critical Chance
+11% Critical Damage (+51% with rings)
On Hit: Gain 5 Guard (Used with Energy Barrage for quick Guard build-up)

"Guard Barrage" combined with Barrier, Fade Cloak, and Fade Step makes for one tanky mage.

Necklace: Andraste's Sacrifice (Draw agro and regen Mana faster)
Rings: 2 Superb Ring of Critical Damage (+20% Crit Dmg each)
Belt: Superior Belt of Focus (+30% Focus Gain)

Focus Ability: Resurgence for an Arcane Warrior who can also HEAL, but I tend to stick with Mark of the Rift for increased DPS.
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User Info: JLazarillo

5 months ago#8
Mr Penguin 007 posted...
On my Nightmare playthrough I was an Arcane Warrior (Knight Enchanter) and my team was irrelevant as long as I had a second Barrier Mage.

To be fair, your team is going to be pretty irrelevant in combat regardless as long as you've got a Barrier Mage, because that's about all the AI knows how to do. Make sure you've got that, and one of each class to open all doors, and no more than two (including the Inquisitor) who fight in melee range unless you like traffic jams. All parties are equal as long as you follow those rules, more or less.
Formerly a panda, formerly a carnivore. Now just a guy without a catch phrase.
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User Info: Dondogz

5 months ago#9
Hey guys, so after reading your comments and starting up I have been playing around with 2 magw parties and it's been pretty fun.

What type of tactics/behaviours do you all run? I'm setting them to follow themselves but they are chugging potions like crazy and Dorian keeps dying.
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User Info: KojaxFX

5 months ago#10
Delete them
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