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  3. What class do you think you'll play in DA4?

User Info: Concession

10 months ago#21
Mage. Done mage for every DA so far. Wish it didn't lock me out of being a Dwarf (really wish decent lead to that lol) but it is what it is. O: Human Female, II: Human Male, I: Elf Male.
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User Info: HopesPeak

10 months ago#22
Mage, if they're ever return them to being as over the top powerful as they were in DA Origins.

User Info: jurbanik

10 months ago#23
dillonthebunny posted...
Always a mage, I go in to these games thinking that this time I'll be an archer, crusader or whatever.. but I always just end up being a mage, love it.

Can't wait for DA4! Though I have an awful feeling that we might be looking at 2019 before we get our hands on it.

LOL try 2021 at the earliest.
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User Info: Zatheko

10 months ago#24
Most likely a DW rogue or archer, my warden was a 2h warrior and both my hawke and inquisitor are mages so rogue to change it up.

User Info: sth26307

10 months ago#25
Probably archer, it depends on what the story of the game is though
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User Info: Shotgunnova

10 months ago#26
Mage. "On hit: +5 guard" staves have become my crack.
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User Info: Neo_Tai

10 months ago#27
I want too play a brand new well design Qunari who can wield 2 freaking long sword! they should not be bound by the same strength of human/elf and dwarf check the Arishock in da2 he was total freaking machine wielding 2 weapon like that

User Info: UchihaX66

10 months ago#28
Rogues are usually my favorite for this series.

Rogues = highly skilled finesse bladesmen.

User Info: xsdarknesssx

10 months ago#29
A warrior that can dual wield long swords or a mage that can fight with a sword would be my choice.

Honestly I would love to see them find a way to get rid of classes, and just let us change things as we want so If i want to change my playstyle up half way through the game I can just reset my character and respec it to something else.

User Info: Rocketprime

10 months ago#30
You mean like in Mass Effect Andromeda?
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  3. What class do you think you'll play in DA4?
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