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  3. Which character has the best romance tarot card?

User Info: corlynnclaw

6 years ago#1
Cassandra- The one time you'll see her in a dress.


Blackwall- King of the beards.


Dorian- Snakes and bling.


Sera- She who draws bows with toes.


Iron Bull- Lick lick.


Solas- Lol u get no card :))))

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User Info: woahwoah2424

6 years ago#2
I didn't get that romance card for Iron Bull :( I still have the card for choosing the Dreadnought
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User Info: GreenMage7

6 years ago#3
Lmao, definitely Solas based on those choices.

That's awesome.

User Info: runnermpls

6 years ago#4
Wow, in this series, definitely Blackwall. Although Sera's is great as well. I got Dorian's and thought it was pretty nice, but the others are better (except Solas!)
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User Info: caramel_cod

6 years ago#5
I feel like Sera's second tarot card is sexier than her romance card. That said, Cassandra's is extremely classy, so I'd definitely say that one.
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  3. Which character has the best romance tarot card?
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