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  3. Long loading times...... omg the wait

User Info: alvinnn

6 years ago#1
I know its like a first world problem kind of thing...

but when the dragon age mood hits... bam...

nothing turns you off more than thinking of the multiple loading screens you have to go through to enjoy the game...

1. waiting for origin to load up, waiting for the bioware logo to appear
2. waiting for the main menu screen to appear
3. waiting for connection to server
4. waiting for loading screen 1 -ends up in skyhold-
5. waiting for loading screen 2 to get to the world map

its worse when you wanna 'war table'.

1. step 1 to 4
2. travel down the unnecessary long corridor with multiple unnecessary doors to reach the war room
3. loading screen
4. wait for everyone to get in position around the war table, esp tt cullen looking like a proud chicken when he does that walk

ah.. feels good to get it off my chest. anyway, besides the loading times, the game is great so far!

User Info: HajimeNoIppo

6 years ago#2
If you think there long, and annoying. Clearly you've been spoiled.

User Info: ChancreScolex

6 years ago#3
Yeah uh, the load times aren't even that long. Especially when loading previous saves it's like 4 seconds.

User Info: alvinnn

6 years ago#4
HajimeNoIppo posted...
If you think there long, and annoying. Clearly you've been spoiled.

Well, if you like staring at the screen doing nothing for a few mins before starting any game.
Not me.
Clearly, you value your time less than me.

User Info: DarkSymbiote

6 years ago#5
I sometimes wonder if BioWare engineers know what optimisation means. The loading in this game is insane. I remember taking over the keep in Crestwood and it loaded for at least 30 seconds to load a 2 second cutscene where the Inquisitior simply moves a bit.
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User Info: SnowMan87

6 years ago#6
Yea load times haven't bothered me in the slightest either.
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User Info: delta_12

6 years ago#7
lol i think on weekend I did manage to fixed my self a sandwiche on one of those war table loading.

User Info: brantkin

6 years ago#8
I haven't noticed any long loading times, and i use to use a pc with a ssd drive, so loading was almost instant. The loading isn't bad for the ps4 in fact it is fast. Compare it to maybe skyrim for the 360 or ps3, yeah those loading screens where dreadful. I think call of duty has longer load times then this game, and it is loading a small map.

User Info: TheForsakenEvil

6 years ago#9
Wow, people really will complain about anything.
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User Info: 181stCommander

6 years ago#10
Lol what? The loading times are the fastest I've seen in a Bioware game.
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  3. Long loading times...... omg the wait
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