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User Info: ghostsniper7676

4 years ago#1
In most games there's a much more clear rarity pattern for items but I'm not totally sure on how DA:I's system works. From what I know, I've only seen 3 different colors, White/Grey, Blue, and Purple, with Purple being the most rare. Is that the right order and are there any more? I've seen videos of people with yellow items but I've never run across any and after doing some poking around on google I couldn't really find any useful info on weapon rarities or the yellow items at all.

Thanks to anyone in advance! Just don't wanna miss out on knowing about some uber lootations
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User Info: phoenix717

4 years ago#2
Are crafted items yellow? I think they are, but I'm not positive.

User Info: OutlawJT

4 years ago#3
White/gray items are common, blue items are rare, purple items are unique, yellow items are crafted.

The coloration has no baring whatsoever on the quality of the item, just how likely you are to encounter it. There are purple items that are worthless and white/gray items that might last you several levels.
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User Info: Sarpedan

4 years ago#4
not 100% but i think purple rarity just means unique

User Info: rudis21

4 years ago#5
The different rarity levels seem to have more or less item affixes too. Purple having the most bonuses

User Info: phrett

4 years ago#6
Purple aren't always better than blues... though they often are. Purple just means it's not a generic RNG loot that you might find an exact duplicate of in another chest... and they frequently have some sort of effect that you won't find on other items. But a higher level blue item could easily be better than a purple. It's all moot though, because in the end... crafted gear is nearly always better. Except maybe for some helmets if you want to fashion your characters out a bit.
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