Any Adult Players?

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User Info: RubyGloom

1 year ago#1
Hi! m 29 and hoping to find a group to play with and have fun. I'm not super creative, but I'd be happy to work on projects with others or play in survival mode. Haven't played Minecraft in years, so I'm looking forward to checking out all the new stuff.

User Info: deadpigs101

1 year ago#2
GT: DonGiovanni023

have a survival only world, just don't steal or destroy other player's stuff and replant whenever you can!
GT: DonGiovanni023 3DS Friend Code: 3282 3335 3766

User Info: Nitro3006

1 year ago#3
Hi I would love to find new people to play with my gamer tag is Seth 666631. :)

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