Was T.J. Combo originally supposed to be a villain than a hero?

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User Info: FilipoSooa

4 months ago#1
According to his character backstory, Combo was a legendary boxing champion for years but he got kicked out for arm implants, and his pre-KI lifestyle mostly revolved around fame, fortune and revenge. Add in the fact that he got taken under UltraTech's self-serving guidance where they promised him about recapturing his lost fame, fortune and positive public acclaim if he would win the Killer Instinct tournament.

What ended up happening was that all Combo did in KI1 storylines was a battle with Riptor that led to the apparent death/demise of Riptor, but not without Combo getting injured in the eye which explains his KI2 eye patch. And then in KI2 storylines, his biggest beef was with newcomer Tusk even though both of them were good guys since they didn't have much other bad guys to add beyond Gargos, Fulgore, Spinal and Sabrewulf, and that Eyedol, Cinder and Riptor were dead.

Then years later, KI had a reboot although Combo's backstory was pretty much mostly kept the same as it was. Being a hungry fame seeking boxer whose greed brought him down as a boxing champion, although the story said Combo was severely humbled after losing not only his fame, fortune and riches, but also UltraTech and specifically ARIA (the CEO of UltraTech) did him dirty. That's what led him to align with Jago and Orchid, and later with Maya, Thunder, Kim Wu, Tusk, Glacius, Aganos, Eagle and Hisako in the first place.

So based on his backstory alone, was T.J. Combo originally intended to be a villain alongside Eyedol, Fulgore, Spinal, Cinder, Riptor, Gargos and later Sadira, Kan-Ra, Omen, Shadow Jago, ARIA and Kilgore but ended up being made into a good guy among the likes of Jago, Orchid, Maya, Kim, Tusk and Thunder?

Combo is even more of a flawed hero than Jago and Orchid, seeing how the original KI Comics portrayed him as a fighter with a mean and abrasive personality that made it hard for anyone to like him or cheer him. Nobody expected him to be a hero, at least doubtful when comparing his hero credibility to Jago, Orchid, Thunder, Tusk, Maya and Kim Wu.
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User Info: Dathrowed1

4 months ago#2
I think he was or a 90s antihero that was popular in comics at the time since a lot of writers then didn't understand the Watchmen.
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  3. Was T.J. Combo originally supposed to be a villain than a hero?

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