Impossible Gargos?

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User Info: Ultima_Sonic

11 months ago#1
So I just went through Shadow Lords, removed all the buffs that I could (4, but it seems like he has a 5th one that cannot be removed), yet, the difficulty description said "impossible," and yea, he was IMPOSSIBLE. Is there something I'm missing? like a way to remove that 5th buff and make him easier? How can he be impossible with just one buff?
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User Info: Vulcan422

11 months ago#2
Is the 5th buff "Shadow Lord", by any chance? That one cannot be removed, ever. Even if you take away all of his Omen buffs, that buff is specific to Gargos himself and is always locked to him. It's the thing that turns Gargos into Boss Gargos. It buffs his moveset and abilities to be more like a classic fighting game boss.
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User Info: SonicDolphin117

11 months ago#3
Shadow Lord plus a random one is always required.

He's really not that bad if you find the right guardians and strategies.
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User Info: WhyWontHeFall

11 months ago#4
Just pick Fulgore, equip infinite shadow meter relic and there ya go. Hyper beam spam ftw.

User Info: knightmere122

11 months ago#5
Fractured Ward guardian will cheese the AI including Gargos.
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User Info: Ultima_Sonic

11 months ago#6
Vulcan422, I don't remember it being Shadow Lord. I think it was one of the other ones like Spirit of Gargos, or Eye of Gargos. Interestingly, I did obtain a Shadow Lord artifact. I'm gonna play through it again with that and see what it does
Chaos is power, enriched by the heart

User Info: SequentialSword

11 months ago#7
Unlock eyedol he makes it a lot easier, he's immune to some of his attacks the most important is those damn minions can't interfere. Of course Gargos still lays a dirty beating but eyedol is basically a meat shield. If he has heart if gargos buff on don't waste your time he heals to frequently. I lucked out when I beat him on impossible, he never abused his stone skin and whenever he activated it he almost instantly destroyed it.
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