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  3. skull snipers at the end of mission 28 (code talker)

User Info: andretfernandes

4 months ago#1
Every time I repar mission 28 (code talker) I leave at least 1 of 4 skull snipers alive, so, by the end the mission, all soldiers are turned into puppets.

Most of the time, there are only puppets soldiers, but sometimes the remaining sniper spawns close the brick bridge.

Is it random or is there something that triggers this sniper to spawn there

User Info: KoWrath

4 months ago#2
It must be random or because you didnt shoot all 4 snipers dead/sleep tranqs.
-By the time you reach code talker in the basement. the Rogue coyote security will have blocked that bridge with a tank/apc and sent guards to the mansion on the path of the roads and a little inbetween the rocks to the right.
so just gotta avoid being spotted as 1 bullet will probably kill code talker.

It can be easier for you as just leave the sniper alive and avoid her shots while killing the puppet soldiers or kill her after hiding code talker behind a rock. The skull woman cant shoot you if you peek fast enough and shoot a few bullets and hide again.

User Info: SuperVergil

4 months ago#3
If I remember correctly, the tank spawns solely if you get rid of all the snipers. At any rate, even in the case you leave all four snipers alive, you can sneak past them undetected also in the final segment of the mission.
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User Info: Quinciano

4 months ago#4

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User Info: andretfernandes

4 months ago#5
I've played this mission over 20 times. More than 90% of times, the bridge is free: no tank or sniper.
But it happened 2 or 3 times, that one of the survived snipers moved to that point

User Info: Sera67

3 months ago#6
I get same thing, Likely run it few 100 times by now over years. I tend only kill 2 on left and 3rd if it happen to be over on my side. (ignoring one across river on cliffs)

I'd say 1 outta 10 runs I get the one on Far North side, But you can get her just barely between 2 tree, and she wont get bead on you. (if you space out shots, (you got bonus points from 2-3 skull kills anyway) (or smoke grenades)

For awhile, I assumed it was Sniper A, B, C and D. And each had set points. Ever now and then one of them would be over looking a spot. Or maybe C and D(one across river, I tend ignore) is jumping over and I'm killing her and C stayed on other end.

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  3. skull snipers at the end of mission 28 (code talker)
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