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User Info: andretfernandes

5 months ago#1
So, after finding Paz at the Mother Base completly by chance, I started showing her photos collected from soldiers. After the 7th photo or so, the door to her room became locked.
Is she still in the same room and will it be unocked again later? Or has she moved to another obscure corner of the Mother Base?

User Info: Tokoshoran

5 months ago#2
The room should be able to be accessed until you've given her ten photos, try leaving to do some more side-ops and return later.

Or, you could just go around back and find the peace sign that was in her room... though that doesn't get you "inside" her room.

User Info: KarmaDingo

5 months ago#3
andretfernandes posted...
the door to her room became locked.
You sure it's her room? Because in the same building, on a different floor from Paz, is a door for the PVP, and that one is locked.
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User Info: MoonScar119

5 months ago#4
Make sure you are going to the third floor... also don't forget to get the morpho picture in the hallway before her room
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