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User Info: JangotheBlueFox

3 years ago#1

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Black Hound!

Chosen? You'll be contacted shortly at the e-mail you provided with details on your future involvement in the development of Black Hound's world.

What is Black Hound?

Black Hound is a survival horror game inspired mostly by other games in the genre, such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, and most recently, P.T. (The aborted Silent Hills game).

What's the story?

The world's coming to an end. Your small city is one of the last remaining pockets of uninfected humans on the planet. The walls around it were constructed by a goverment refief agency to keep whatever caused this out, but the only purpose they seem to serve now is keeping everyone in and driving them mad. Those that do pass the walls, never come back.

The Father, a single parent and double amputee, has been protecting and raising The Child for months in this walled-off city. Dealing with the loss of his wife and The Child's sibling six years ago had been difficult enough without the neighbors going feral and seemingly supernatural creatures roaming the streets.

Last night he failed. She was taken from him.

The story will follow The Father as he attempts to find The Child, leave the city, and return to where The Child was born, and where her mother died. The player will control both of these characters over the course of the main story line.

The two main characters are known (for now) as "The Father" and "The Child". Their names are one of the aspects of the world that the Chosen will have control over. The main playable portion of the game will take place in the year 1984, in a very small city of 1000 somewhere in the northwest United States.

How does it play?

Third-person control system. Very similar to recent titles like Uncharted 3, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid V. However, some portions of the game are a first-person experience, such as when controlling The Child. The Father's combat mechanics will be melee oriented, but he may be able weild certain firearms in rare cases. The Child's gameplay sections will not be combat sections in the traditional sense. More info on The Child's abilities will be made available when other aspects of the game are decided by the Chosen.

Alright, how much do you want?

Nothing at all. In fact when the game releases (Projected Q2 2018) it will be absolutely free on the PC.

There will never be a kickstarter, you'll never get an e-mail asking for funding, and you'll never see a "Donate Here!" button on the main page. There is no catch.

This is a labor of love for us, and NOT our job, which is why development on this title may seem slower than what you're used to.

We're perfectionists. Well, most of us are. We aim to produce a beautiful and terrifying world for you all to enjoy. We're not interested in pushing something out just because it's playable. We want your enjoyment and praise to be our payment, and we can't get that if we produce anything less than awesome.

Are you Kojima?

We are not Kojima.

Is this a hoax?

This isn't a hoax.

I'm not sure if this site is real or not but it makes multiple references to MGS5.
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User Info: JM_14_GOW

3 years ago#2
The site is down now here is a screenshot.
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User Info: Gwyns_Beard

3 years ago#3
and hype is kill
I won't see you end as ashes.
You're all diamonds.

User Info: characterz3ro

3 years ago#4
They used the fail of mgs v to promote their own game.

User Info: DarkBlackHeart

3 years ago#5
They didn't use anything. The website isn't new, it exists since March 2015. This seems like a misdirection rather than the truth.
The countdown still has 2 hours and 7 minutes to go.
What's more, if it has nothing to do with Kojima, why use the KojimaLives and Gray_XOF handles on twitter? Why the "a ##### ###### game" tab description? Why the FOX logo, the Big Boss picture, the MGS3 citation in Morse code and the P.T. references?

User Info: spidey1233

3 years ago#6
Yeah it's not over yet.
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User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#7
OK, MGSV is officially a disappointment if this is true.

User Info: SpinKirby

3 years ago#8
Hoax on Hoaxes
In a recent statistical study, it was shown that only 9/10 people want to play DotA 2.

User Info: JangotheBlueFox

3 years ago#9
characterz3ro posted...
They used the fail of mgs v to promote their own game.

like I said before this site probably isn't real which is why it just got shut down. we'll know what's really going on in two hours when the count down on ingsoc.org ends.
Its just more badass when you kick someones ass while you're half naked -Jango the BlueFox

User Info: Zanshou

3 years ago#10
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