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User Info: AJM

2 years ago#1
Still new to this game. I made it a performance car. If I change it to a drag car, do I have to pay again if I want to turn it back to a performance car?

User Info: jeremysix

2 years ago#2
No, you just pay once for each spec.
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User Info: AJM

2 years ago#3
Jolly good, thanks.

User Info: ZaggRukk

2 years ago#4
Take advantage of the crate missions as well. They give a chance to unlock cars. I have four so far. oh, yeah. . . if you have friends that play this game, that are on your uplay friends list, you can send them on missions to earn you money. They don't have to be online or even play the mission. Kind of like what A.C. Brotherhood did with training recruits.
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