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User Info: the_jedi_Valo

2 years ago#1
Seriously this game has a lack of cars.

Where are the Subies? Where are the Evos? The Yota's? Hell I mean they have ab Alfa Romeo 4c (which are extremely rare in the states), but no Supras? I know that this game takes place in the States but man there are other vehicles besides Domestics and Exotics...

That has been the biggest disappointment of this game.
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User Info: jasongm

2 years ago#2
You pretty much have to unlock or find them.
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User Info: hey_yo_83

2 years ago#3
The game has a lack of Japanese cars unfortunately, it's the main reason why I didn't really get into this game back when it released.

User Info: dafreestyleking

2 years ago#4
This game was supposed to be the 'spiritual successor' to TDU2, but I ended up selling this game. TDU2 doesn't have a lot of cars either, but I like it a lot more.

One reason is that in TDU2, I could just explore the huge map, check out the scenery and rain effects, do whatever I wanted without worrying about random police spawning, some annoying woman constantly telling me that I need to go to ___ whatever place, that got annoying quick. And there's too much s*** on the screen at once, and I actually think the handling is worse in The Crew too.

TDU2 also had a better soundtrack imo.
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User Info: darkknight338

2 years ago#5
Don't forget the lack of customization. Especially on Circuit cars where you are downgrade to only 4 options: color, stickers,interior, and rims.

Another down fall is cars bought previously at a lower level such as 20 can not be auto upgrade to level 30 or higher from the tuner. Instead only newly bought spec car can you have the chance to purchase a performance kit up to level 40.

Even with those short comings, I managed to complete a faction PVP mission requiring level 740 dirt spec car with my level 625 Nisan skyline R24.
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