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User Info: Neomatt316

3 years ago#1
Challenge guide lines

No power up (no wil master/life elixirs either) , no lengendary weapon use (includes selling), must have 6 wives at (earliest possible chance) cannot use guild seal to teleport, can only use the twin blade camp, hook coast, Witchwood Cullis Gate and lostbay telepads, cannot Tele to any other Tele pads( unless it the1st hook coastgold quest) must complete 60 boasts, no using food to restore health, no resurrection phails, no using real estate, or mass trading to make gold, must collect 30 silver keys and the bereaver weapon, cannot use rod of champions until u obtained your 29th and the fish must win all 3 prizes to get the silver key there, must marry a shop keeper, cannot commit any crime, must not divorce/widow, must open all demon doors, must Aquire jack of blades doll, no buying the spade/ fishing rod,and must obtain all in game trophies weapons can used can never be augmented, no game altering device usage

This challenge is completable as I have completed it yesterday, will be posting a faq eventually as well as video’s of a run when I get my pc fixed.it is very hard hope u enjoy trying it.

User Info: Fjoeri

3 years ago#2
Looks too tedious to be any fun, really.
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User Info: Offworlder1

3 years ago#3
Sounds lame and stupid as f***.
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