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User Info: justinpoulson

4 years ago#1
can do the lady grey quest til after i beat thunder, then do the one exposing the mayor and still expose her?

User Info: justinpoulson

4 years ago#2
hello? anyone still use this board?

User Info: justinpoulson

4 years ago#3
does anyone know cause i want to know if cullis gate and guild seal still work

User Info: hellzyaaahhhhhh

4 years ago#4
sadly locked...
people tried a ton of run arounds

lady gray quest is one-sided...

ether expose her....
or marry her...

she will take it if your married to her the note by her sister...
and if you expose her you lose the demon door?
(or did they fix that... ) no im pretty sure you still lose demon door...
nendoroid / fate grand order/ mysterious heroine x (make it happen gamefaq XD)
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