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User Info: bry6trump

5 months ago#11
OctoZombie posted...
Drake9 posted...
I've been there. Spend the 75 gems for the gauntlets. When you reach a point where the next loss will cost you more gems then you have or more than you want to spend, reinstall the game. Read my reinstall thread.

Just FYI, I noticed someone told the official PopCap rep on Reddit about this reinstall trick recently, so it wouldn't surprise me if they closed the loophole.

What an idiot that person is.the reinstall trick allows people to not pay boatloads in gems to keep makes losing not nearly as frustrating

User Info: bry6trump

5 months ago#12
Drake9 posted...
Every 99th win, the rewards start over but everything is increased. So if win #1 would give you 1 mint, win #99 would give 2 mints. There's also a display bug where it will not show the increased rewards.

This is quite silly tbh..we should continue getting the same rewards..I just started past my 100th win and I'm back to getting 6 pinatas and 6 mints whereas 30 games ago I was getting 11 pinatas..meh

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