So I reinstalled the game

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User Info: Drake9

4 months ago#1
First, I had all my quests completed prior to doing this. Before I reinstalled I enabled my iCloud backup & made sure that pvz was being backed up, then did a manual backup. Also I made sure to save my player ID, just in case something went wrong & I needed help from EA.

It was a very easy process to reinstall, & thankfully I lost nothing. My ID was restored along with everything else. It took a few minutes though, mostly for it to install the latest updates to the game.

Some interesting things to note:

- My piñata trackers are not showing. I assume they will return to normal after the 12 hour cooldown resets.

- Upon entering Battlez, it did have the introduction that I had to close.

- My daily ads were reset. This include the gem ads AS WELL AS the 2 free Gauntlet ads that I was able to do. Bonus!

- My plants last used got reset.

- My 3 daily 5000 coin pinatas reset. Others have stated this is a result, but I've definitely confirmed it.

- My gem count to retain my win streak was reset. This is extremely handy. Wow. Thank you to dearn for posting this was possible. It definitely works.

Everything else that I've seen is exactly how it was. I will update more if I notice anything else.

User Info: bry6trump

4 months ago#2
I usually delete and reinstall several times a day as it gives me extra ads, more free gauntlets and ability to purchase plant of the day multiple times..

I did notice a few days ago that my piñata trackers were absent for whatever reason..they came back the next day though

User Info: GSardar

4 months ago#3
If you play on two devices (iPad and iPhone) do you need to reinstall on both? I reinstalled on my ipad and noticed the reset of gem ads etc, but am afraid to play on my iPhone now. Will it automatically change that for the maintaining of gems? or do i need to reinstall on my iPhone too?

User Info: Drake9

4 months ago#4
I have no idea. If your game is saved on iCloud though, that should be good enough where if you make some mistake, you can restore safely, unless you override your saved data by mistake (like if you installed fresh & had it make a new backup if the new install).

User Info: SailAwayDan

4 months ago#5
Hello! I am using an Android tablet and phone and have been consistently reinstalling on each device. I will typically delete on one device and play on the other while it is downloading. Each device resets the gems, gauntlets, daily seed packets and streak each time. So I can play until I lose a Battlez match and then have a fresh one ready to go. I have been careful to make sure each device is synced before switching from one to the other (just have my current one open and then load the new one. If they don't match, just change screens on the old one and then reopen the new one.) I have had my gems reset twice when I have not had things synced up properly. I am not sure exactly why it has happened but I believe it could not figure out which account to use. I do have very slow internet where I am and that could be the problem. Hope this helps!

User Info: GSardar

4 months ago#6
Thank you!!

User Info: Drake9

4 months ago#7
Apparently this is also a way to retain your streak if your game freezes during a Battle.

User Info: Drake9

4 months ago#8
Another benefit I didn't realize before is reinstalling resets your 4 hour "Free" Battlez.

User Info: GSardar

4 months ago#9
With Stallia today as a plant for coins, i wonder how many reinstalls they'll get! :)

User Info: Drake9

4 months ago#10
Lol, also the 10 coin week reward, which my secret exploit works with too. 8)

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