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User Info: bry6trump

8 months ago#1
I didn't want to clog the battles thread but I'm curious what's going on with different leagues, scores and most importantly, wins and losses..I want to know a few things

1-what league are you in? I'm in silver

2-what is your average score this week? I'm getting 1.3 million most matches

3-how often are you winning?out of 20 matches, how many are you losing? 1 or 2? More?...I'm losing once out of every 10-15 matches I'd say..

User Info: ZombieVKNG

8 months ago#2
1. Bronze

2. 1.2 (range 750,000 - 1,600,000)

3. So far, every time. 30 wins, 0 losses. 2 close calls, at least one of those a bot.
EDIT: I literally lost the first game after I wrote this. To a bot, no chance of winning. Retained streak at 50 gems now.

User Info: Drake9

8 months ago#3
1. Silver

2. 800k to 1million

3. 20 wins, 0 losses (50/50 obvious bots)

User Info: iwanttoeatsmz

8 months ago#4
1. Gold
2. 800k to 1.2 mil
3. Probably every 20-25 matches

Played against 10 obvious bots in a row and had to rely on last minute Blover + Stallia combo

User Info: OctoZombie

8 months ago#5
1. silver
2. average 1.6m with a range of 1.1-1.9m
3. 21 wins, 1 loss (to a bot)

I had mostly bots on Tuesday but haven't seen any since.

User Info: SneakyRene

8 months ago#6
1) Silver

2) 1.9-2.4 M

3) i havent lost since my app crash during the beginning hours of last week.

User Info: bry6trump

8 months ago#7
Interesting but most of us are scoring on the higher side..id like to hear how more casual players are doing if there are any on here..if they are winning just as often as we are with half the score, I will be disappointed

User Info: Silver_age

8 months ago#8
1. Gold

2. 1.5 - 2.0m

3. About every 25 games on average, but that can be 40 wins and then two losses in the next 5 games.

User Info: Muki13

8 months ago#9
Average 1.8-2.2m with 1.5m lowest and one crazy 3.3m highest. The highest human opponent I have seen got 1.7m. Overall I'd say 60% bots but they are slowly getting rarer.


62-0 this week

User Info: sir_joe

8 months ago#10
1. Gold
2. About 600k
3. Lose every 5th game or so, sometimes to bot with a jump in score during the last seconds, sometimes to humans with cauli/eon leveled (the second type of loss is not that annoying)
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