Cherry Bomb in the store for coins (October 9th)

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User Info: laserbean

6 months ago#1
As predicted..

20k/5k/1k for 60/20/5 seeds.

200 gem PS Pinata in the store

Done with buying all the offerings as the coin-grinding is getting tedious. Will now only target certain plants.

User Info: Drodo

6 months ago#2
which one is next?

User Info: laserbean

6 months ago#3
Drodo posted...
which one is next?

Someone else posted the schedule in another thread. I think it's going to be Lightning Reed if the rotation holds true to form.

User Info: superstud69x

6 months ago#4
spool posted...
It looks like they're repeating the seed offers in the same order as in the first round. If I'm right, then this is what we can expect

Bonk Choy03 October 2017
Snapdragon04 October 2017
Puffshroom05 October 2017
Threepeater06 October 2017
Melon-pult07 October 2017
Laser Bean08 October 2017
Cherry Bomb09 October 2017
Lightning Reed10 October 2017
tangle kelp11 October 2017
pepper-pult12 October 2017
red stinger13 October 2017
phat beet14 October 2017
primal wallnut15 October 2017
pea-pod16 October 2017
twin sunflower17 October 2017
coconut cannon18 October 2017
moon flower19 October 2017
blover20 October 2017
fume shroom21 October 2017
hot potato22 October 2017
potato mine23 October 2017
sun shroom24 October 2017
banana launcher25 October 2017
winter melon26 October 2017
intensive carrot27 October 2017
em peach28 October 2017
primal peashooter29 October 2017
split pea30 October 2017
wall nut31 October 2017
spikerock01 November 2017
dusk lobber02 November 2017
citron03 November 2017
sun bean04 November 2017
spikeweed05 November 2017
bloomerang06 November 2017
chili bean07 November 2017
spring bean08 November 2017
magnet shroom09 November 2017
infi-nut10 November 2017
perfume shroom11 November 2017
tall nut12 November 2017
lily pad13 November 2017
chard guard14 November 2017
AKEE15 November 2017
celery stalker16 November 2017
primal potato17 November 2017
iceberg lettuce18 November 2017
magnifying grass19 November 2017
garlic20 November 2017
nightshade21 November 2017
tile turnip22 November 2017
endurian23 November 2017
stunion24 November 2017
bowling bulb25 November 2017
cabbage pult26 November 2017
primal sunflower27 November 2017
guacodile28 November 2017
rotobaga29 November 2017
stallia30 November 2017
spore shroom01 December 2017
shadow shroom02 December 2017
repeater03 December 2017
Gold leaf04 December 2017
grimrose05 December 2017
grave buster06 December 2017
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.

User Info: laserbean

6 months ago#5
I'm hoping this rotation will be a little different as they forgot to include Sunflower, Peashooter, and Kernel-pult in the last one.

User Info: IGAmazingBob

6 months ago#6
I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get a chance to get Snap Dragon and Bonk-Choy the second time they came around because they didn't appear in the store if you bought them the first time. I'm a big fan of both of those plants.
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