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  3. I want to like it but I'm bored so far.

User Info: MephistoXv

1 year ago#1
I'm admittingly not that far into the game but it just isn't hooking me as of yet. I've been to the base where you and Genis split up and just left the woods. I really want to like it. I've liked the other Tales games I've played so far, (Destiny, Grace F, and Vesperia) but it just isn't clicking. Is there a point if I keep pushing that made most people just go "OMG this is great!" or if it doesn't have me yet, will it likely not?
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User Info: RayThrust

1 year ago#2
That part is kind of sluggish imo, and it's rough with only Lloyd and Genis.
I would recommend to beat the first dungeon when you can use 4 members, if only for gameplay reasons. Shouldn't take that long.

It's one of my favourite Tales of stories, but it hasn't aged well.

User Info: SuigintouEV

1 year ago#3
I'd give it time to develop. It's a great game and has the best dungeons and some of the best boss fights in the series.
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User Info: Naryoril

11 months ago#4
I know it's late but for future reference if someone else searches for this:
Imo the story is extremely standard and predictable, so standard that you feel you have seen it thousands of times already, until you release the third seal. Then something is revealed (that has been hinted at before if you paid close attention or already knew from a previous playthrough) which marks the beginning of the real, unique story.

User Info: MysticMint

11 months ago#5
Trust me, this game gets way better when you get to a certain part of the story(I won’t spoil it for you).
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  3. I want to like it but I'm bored so far.
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