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User Info: Sacred_Penance

2 years ago#1
So I havent found much about this, but apparently if you scroll down manually to in your artes, then fast scroll with the right stick up to 0/x then manually scroll again with the left d-pad, you can assign your mystic arte to be spammed. Some dont work, some do etc...

Ive seen videos of it, but I have scrolled to about 3000 and cannot find Colette's Holy Judgment (its marked -???- )
Does anyone have any advice for this? Apparently its position changes based on a few things but I havent been able to lock down what they are yet...

User Info: dunal001

1 year ago#2
I tried on the ps3 version and unfortunately you can only do the mystic artes once in battle like kratos shining bind or Lloyd's falcon's crest. you have to keep on trying where the location of the arte is Sometimes the arte is there and sometimes it is not.
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