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User Info: petle002

2 years ago#1
Hi everyone,

I'm a newcomer to ToS with a few questions:
1. I'm interested in maximizing my characters' stats. I've read that every stat except for INT has a farmable stat-increasing berry at the end of the game. From my understanding, that would mean that the way to reach a character's optimal stats would be to play through the game to get their best INT title, transfer those titles over to an NG+, raise each character from their earliest obtainable level using only that title, then use berries for everything else. Does that sound correct?

As an aside, I've also noticed a slight variation between Lloyd, Collete, and Genus's starting stats (I.e. Lloyd can have different starting stats between games). Does anyone know anything about how this works?

2. I enjoy trying to solo in games like this. Is soloing doable in ToS? In general I like choosing a character with great offensive potential, and seeing if I can overcome their defensive shortcomings (assuming that's how the game is balanced) through skill. I've noticed that ToS battles essentially take place on a straight line with respect to any given character and the enemy they're targeting, so I'm concerned about the possibility of getting cornered, but there also appears to be a jumping component to this game unlike other comparable games that I've played (Star Ocean 3), so maybe it's possible to leap over enemies for better positioning?

Any insight is appreciated.


User Info: Gaara_fan

2 years ago#2
2. Soloing is pretty much possible with every character in the original Tales of Symphonia. Some are much easier than others due to spell cancel glitch (A.k.a Kratos/Zelos). There is plenty of videos on YT showing on how it's possible even on hardest difficult setting, so you shouldn't have to much problem.
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User Info: EnigmaGamer

2 years ago#3
Int isn't really worth it unless you're playing a caster, and even then I'm not sure how much extra Int will affect your damage.

Generally, it's highest available difficulty, no item usage(except magic lens to see enemy HP), No Deaths(No Resurrect, Angel's Tears, or accessories that revive on death).

Since you mentioned SO3, most people did the normal difficulty on that instead of hardest due to the AI being better and not manipulated like on Hardest, and there was an item you could use to up it to around the default stats of hardest if you wanted to, but most didn't. Generally they allowed for the accessory to revive yourself, which really did end up with a lot of bad looking solos where those got spammed. Item spam was a thing and showed how bad of an idea the HP cost skills were, you pretty much had to use items due to it being percentage HP instead of set amounts. It really wasn't a very good game when it came to soloing.

Enemy AI actually is better on harder ones here and unlocks all their attacks. No item/death is standard for most challenge runs, so you pretty much have to do that as well.

Prep is going to be very important. For a solo of this, I'd recommend at least 2 playthroughs of prep. You'll want 4 Ex Gem Max for your character(steal one from final boss + drop from final boss on 2 different runs), since you'll be switching ex skills often. You'll also want to learn and get the usage bonus of any artes you plan to use.

Make sure to farm enough grade to get x10 experience(you need to make sure to have enough TP to get through a fight due to no items as well as HP to take hits since there's plenty of fights that have unavoidable damage in this game). You'll also want titles(so you can start leveling your attack power higher near the start), battle data(for Devil Arms if you plan to do the ex dungeon to make the normal battles doable). Ex Gems and Ex Skills are a must as well since in a solo you're going to need endgame ex skills even from the start. Plus you're going to want your artes and arte usage transferred.

User Info: Flynn_coneria

1 year ago#4
You can jump over enemies. I've seen many other videos where it looked effortless (I still don't get it though ><) and I heard it's easier to jump on manual mode.
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