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  3. Any ideas for bungie day content tomorrow?

User Info: xiTz_RyaNx

6 years ago#1
I just realized that tomorrow is 07/07. Any word, rumors or ideas if anything fun is being released destiny related?
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User Info: Captnhowdy86

6 years ago#2
I haven't seen anything yet. If they do do something it'll probably be an engram like the last special or maybe a floaty master chief head like the Halloween thing we had lol.

User Info: Theodore60

6 years ago#3
The way bungie has been lately i'd be shocked if we got anything for FREE.
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User Info: AnoKid09

6 years ago#4
An emblem with the number 7 on it

I'm calling it

User Info: SizableMattress

6 years ago#5
More Jack O'Lanterns
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User Info: mrtopgoon327

6 years ago#6
something i most likely wont give a f*** about

User Info: xxChoasxx

6 years ago#7
I think in the weekly update they previewed an emblem, so there's that.
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User Info: xXHeH8MeXx

6 years ago#8
Shadow327 posted...
something i most likely wont give a f*** about

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User Info: fox1234

6 years ago#9
Would be cool if it was a destabilized sparrow with the destiny logo with bungie painted on it.

User Info: xxChoasxx

6 years ago#10
I think... I think... On their first bungie day they gave away a gamerpic of the bungie logo, its a white background that says bungie with the little curve thing by the "i". Well I use that, its been my pic since I got it.

Well nearly once a week I get asked if I work for bungie, and sometimes why aren't I fixing the problems with Destiny, Lmfao. Its pretty funny.
GT:xKhoas; BattleTag:ChoasMaster#1104
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  3. Any ideas for bungie day content tomorrow?
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