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  3. Spawns could use some work for sure

User Info: G_U_G

2 months ago#1
What is with the spawns. Playing Swat we lose by 1. This guy on the other team was a "champion". The reason they won was we spawned in front of this guy a total of 12 times at the end. We were winning. And then we started spawning right into death. He went from 19-15 to 31-15 because of this. Could not even move before he shot and killed us. Just totally messed up. And to only lose by 1 with this happening is a real blow.

Same thing next match. I cannot say it was this players fault. But both games back to back did this. We get a lead and then the bulls***. Spawning literally in the exact same spot I just died in. And my teammate had just spawned there and died.

Those were our only loses in 15 matches so not bad. But we really should have won those. Without those terrible spawns when we were near victory we win. Not like the rest of the other team did good.

User Info: MK_God

1 week ago#2
The game has awful spawns for swat. I got caught in a bad spawn for 3 insta deaths before the game gave me a new location today. You would think this would’ve been taken care of years ago by 343
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  3. Spawns could use some work for sure