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User Info: stirlol

5 years ago#1
Bought this for my wife's bday and was hoping they'd have at least sorted the freezing issue now - reluctant to try getting to L10 since there was no patch as far as I could see when I first loaded... Has everyone given up on the game or are you waiting it out?

User Info: FF_Fiend

5 years ago#2
I've contacted WayForward about the issue in a very detailed report, and surprisingly a real person wrote back to say that a patch is in the works. To say nothing of the mechanical issues with the game, and the punishing grinding necessary to upgrade characters, and the poor hitbox detection and choppy animations, the freezing is what really kills what could be a fun, though at times tedious game.

I wish I had any friends that would be willing to get into some couch co op, as I'm struggling through the nightosphere and solo, it's just no bueno.
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