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  3. Popnuts question. *slight spoilers*

User Info: da_StoOge

5 years ago#1
So I just spent ten frustrating minutes popping all the popnuts in the first area so that they were all "large". Only to find that the very last one wouldn't pop.

So to get the trophy for equalising them do I have to shrink them all, or is there some rick to it?

I'm not bothering again until I know for sure, as it's fairly annoying and they reset when you exit the area.
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User Info: MR_E_1

5 years ago#2
I haven't done it yet, myself (started and then decided I had better things to do with my life...lol)...but according to trophy guides I've seen, it looks like you can do either or, as long as they're all the same size in the end. Probably easier to shrink them so you don't bounce into them as much.

User Info: MrBeens

5 years ago#3
You have to hit the last one multiple times to get it to change.

User Info: darknile

5 years ago#4
My suggestion is don't make the nuts large, as it gives you less space to move in. Make them all small and its easier to navigate. I did finish getting them all and it opens up a really weird looking large nut object that you can touch to change all the nuts on that stage.
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  3. Popnuts question. *slight spoilers*
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