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User Info: slateman

5 years ago#1
I tinkered around for an hour and it left me still scratching my head. WHAT IS GOING ON?

I figured out the level with the monkey...

I also got the Ghoonpile trophy (Hint: Down, Right, Up, Left)

But beyond that, I go through some stages just wondering what the heck is going on.

Not to say I don't like it though.... :D Music rocks too. That intro level was fun.

User Info: DocEggmanNega

5 years ago#2
Okay, um, the first place with all the other worm guys is the hub, the main menu leads there, discovered areas can be accessed there. Your worm buddies are all hiding, you've gotta find em at the end of each world that is often times broken into segments. These segmented worlds have portals that will lead back home (either inside that grey hub or that white/yellow place just outside it) for convenience. All roads will wind back to the hub, so don't worry. Just take another path once you've found another friend of yours. Each world has its own hidden objectives, but they're easy to figure out.
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User Info: storageheater

5 years ago#3
Some of the levels are definitely less interesting than others - the enormous blue forest where you flip everyone's masks and then twang a prong and suddenly you've completed the level, despite expecting to be doing something more, that was really disappointing. It had nice touches and perhaps I missed a secondary objective, but that was definitely the low point for me. Loved the Caves, the Kites, the Water Park and the charming little interlude where tiny people throw spears at you though. About halfway through I seriously struggled to find where the next levels were though!
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